By: Trichology Centre  09-27-2012
Keywords: hair, Hair Extensions, Hair Care

During the initial consultation, the trichologist will determine what the problem is. This is when their knowledge and experience is most called upon. Deeper analysis of the hair or skin may be necessary to help the trichologist determine the cause of the problem and the best way to treat it. Once the cause is established, the trichologist will decide: If your problem requires treatment and, if so, what treatment would be most beneficial. If your problem is such that referral to a medical doctor is necessary. If surgical procedures are required, your trichologist will advise you on the best and most effective methods vailable. As part of diagnosis, the trichologist may analyse the hair microscopically or have it analyzed for its mineral levels, or suggest blood tests be run.

Keywords: hair, Hair And Beauty Salon, Hair Care, Hair Extensions, trichologist