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By: Metaphysical Life Coach  04-08-2011
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How I can help you?

My name is Nicolaas Maritz. As a Metaphysical life coach I have learned how we block our ability to create joy and abundance. We’re so filled with fear. The ego is a powerful part of ourselves that sometimes would rather be unhappy than face its deepest fears. I’ve also learned that this is a key to manifesting a joyful reality.

Most of us live primarily through our social self than our deeper, self. This sounds counterproductive, but it makes more sense than it first appears. In fact, to some extent, we need to use our egos to survive in this physical world.

What is a Metaphysical Coach?

The objective of a metaphysical coaching process is to facilitate a growth and insight in Cosmic Laws for the “searcher” that he/she may understand the impact they have on them selves and what the impact of the cosmic laws is on them. Cosmic Laws are truths that work for or against us. These Cosmic Laws are the harmony and balance of the Universe, standing on a building you cannot deny the Law of Gravitation. A Metaphysical teacher should be familiar and fully grounded with Cosmic Laws and principles so that the “searcher” may become aware of their own impact they have on the universe and them-selves. As a Metaphysical mentor I strive to connect the clients own Inner Light, and inner wisdom in the relationship making process. For the meta-physician, they are the keys that unlock the door to possibilities in healing and coaching. Most important a meta coach must walk the talk.

Metaphysics is the study of true perception; the knowing of what brought the universe into being and the processes and resources that one use to manifest life in a physical dimension; it is personal awareness that creates one's reality. Reality is determined by the attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, values, opinions and feelings one connects to in one's psyche.

They are the cause of our fortune or misfortune. The information about ourselves is something we already knew, we have access to infinite intelligence and infinite wisdom.

Metaphysics is the philosophical study of being and knowing. It is related to spirituality, but it is not a religion. Truths about Metaphysics is that all the knowledge you need is within you now and that anyone is meant to understand metaphysics. A meta coach show you how to access the knowledge within and how you create your reality now. The trick is to understand yourself and the mechanisms you constructed to create an outcome that you pay a price for to achieve...

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