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By: Go Net Ready  11-23-2009
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 Product Overview

The Way We Were
For years the IT industry has had business by the throat.  If you want an online system that looks good and has functionality you had better have deep pockets and a strong stomach.  A simple design for a website can cost anywhere between €2000 and €5000 (R20,000 to R50,000).  
Once your site is built you are at the developer’s mercy. If you want a page changed, an upgrade or new functionality the bills start to roll in. Try and move your site to a new development company and you discover a whole new world of pain that you never knew existed.
Now we are not saying that specialized development is not necessary - it is. What we are saying is that common functionality should be freely available and at minimal cost. Blogs, forums, e-commerce mechanisms, social networking and all other such applications have already been done, so why re-invent the wheel?
Go NetReady
NetReady has assembled a framework that is easy to use, includes the vast majority of the online applications and is highly cost effective. For the most part you will get what you need from our “out-the-box” offering.  
If you need something special we can build it for you at a fraction of the normal cost.  Our existing framework ensures that we only bill you for the module that you require.
We have over 1000 design templates for you to choose from. If that’s not enough then our team of 300+ designers will happily design a site to your specifications.  
User Control
Once you have settled on a design and layout the rest is in your hands. You can add pages, update text, add functionality at the click of a button and manage every aspect of your site. No more begging developers and designers to change a page or alter your text.
If managing your site’s content is not for you we offer a full management service. The bottom line is that you have total control over the site, its content and ultimately the costs.

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