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By: SIKOPUMP-za  01-06-2011
Keywords: chemical pump, Metering Pump, piston metering pump

MPP piston metering dosing pump FEATURES:High pressure: Piston type metering pump has the highest pressures among all the metering pumps, it can reach 50MPa pressure. So it can be high pressure metering pump as well.Self-priming: It has simple structure, so easy maintenance need. Because of its special structure, it has a very strong self priming ability; it can be installed above the liquid level.Washing seal: Plunger metering pump has a seal, so it is not suitable for the dangerous chemical liquid delivery. With washing seal, a long service time can be achieved.Heating jacket: The piston metering pump head can be insulated a heating or cooling jacket, so this pump is very suitable for the high temperature liquid delivery. Heating model can be hot water and so on. visit more information in: www.sikopump.com, [email protected]

Keywords: chemical pump, Metering Pump, piston metering pump, Plunger Metering Pump,