Domestic & Commercial Water Treatment

Domestic & Commercial Water Treatment from Pure Water Systems

By: Pure Water Systems  09-20-2010
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Commercial Water Treatment


We specialize in water treatment by means of:

·        Waste Water Recycling

·        Industrial Water Purification

·        Ultra Violet Treatment

·        Sea water desalination

·        Carbon Filtration

·        Multi Media Filtration Filters

·        Water Softening,

·        De-ionization,

·        Water Distillers,

·        Water bottling plants.

·        Industrial reverse osmosis,

·        Commercial reverse osmosis,

We willprovide you with a unique, high-quality and low cost solution, ongoing supportand guaranteed customer satisfaction.


As part of our promise to you we:

·         Manufacture to your specifications

·        Project manage new projects

·        Install

·        Validate existing projects (projects not installed by ourselves)

·        Do preventive and emergency maintenance on existing or new projects

·        Tailor made service contracts available for a multitude of installation.
 24 hour specialist’s support

·        Consultations backed up with expert support

·        Lab Testing

·        Pollution Tracing



Water Treatment Equipment:

We can supply a full range of water treatment equipment including:

  • Softeners (simplex, duplex, triplex)
  • Deionisers
  • UV Disinfection (low and medium pressure)
  • Chemical Dosing (pH control, disinfection, inhibition,)
  • Pumps (sump, borehole and centrifugal)
  • Controls (level switches through to full PLCs)
  • Bespoke systems (skids, trailers, containers)
  • Filters (sediment, carbon, sand, multi-media, pH correction, iron & manganese removal)
  •  Reverse Osmosis (single & twin pass)
  • And many more.


We also have a unique range of residential patented filtration systemsand a wide range of products are available for the treatment of variousindustrial processes.



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