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By: Csignal  11-11-2011
Keywords: Software Industry, Packaged Software

Despite what ERP promises to achieve, the reality is, because it is not imbedded into the operations of the organization and properly exploited by its people, frustration and lost opportunities are the order of the day. We believe that the software industry has created solutions that are as close to perfection as we can handle, and while they work on perfecting it further, we should now focus on creating organizations that adopt new technology in its stride, as part of its standard operations and culture, and not as large, risky, costly and stressful interventions.

Clients now demand services for integration of technology which:

  • deliver quicker benefits,
  • with low risk,
  • with a 100% 1st-time success rate,
  • and a 100% fit,
  • while causing less disruption to the business,
  • and which is delivered at reasonable Total Cost of Ownership.

Consequently we need a new breed of SAP consultants, the best of the best, who are able to effortlessly comprehend, speak and advise clients in business terms while getting to understand the client business in order to configure and implement the technology appropriately, while making best use of process improvement opportunities and at the same time doing more and talking less about change management by training and supporting the client until they are fully self-sufficient. This all in a timeframe that is quick enough to be cost effective without compromising success by leaving systems that are not fully integrated with the people and the processes of the client.

The third decade of integrated packaged software requires a new implementation approach, which ensures that that which is implemented, documented and trained for, is exactly what the business needs, in a short enough time to validate it, while managing risk to manageable proportions, and to dynamically adapt to changing business in a changing world. Our proprietary methodology Third Method, does this, and can be applied in appropriate measures on client implementations. Third Method is entirely designed around the job functions and the people of the organization, thus making people the driver of the implementation process, rather than a peripheral matter.

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Keywords: Packaged Software, Software Industry