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Fluid Management
Looking at commodity prices today, the cost has increased dramatically over recent years. This has led to the improved management of certain resources. Taking a closer look to at a process using liquids as an input cost into production (diesel, petrol, oils, etc), a mayor needs exists to more optimally manage those input commodities. Thus, the Fluid Automated Management Solution concept was born. Tecmo Automation, partnering with Cybernetic Software Development, has identified this need in the middle 1990?s and has been creating dedicated fluid management equipment since then. Tecmo Automation is a proudly South African company and has been in business since early 1980?s. Tecmo?s has a wide variety of market sectors that it caters for, but one of the main focus areas is that of product and application development. Thus Tecmo develops and manufactures all of its own equipment. This in turns allows the equipment to be better prepared for the African market as we Tecmo understands the dynamics of the African market. Fluid Automated Management System is a fuel and lubricant administration system developed for the industry. This delivers control and easy management of fuel and lubricant supplies. The aim of the system is to assist management in easy dispensing of fluids together with the delivery of transaction reports rather than being a high level security system. Key features like fuel dispensing control, wet stock usage monitoring, automatic vehicle recognition, driver identification, driver license management and working hour monitoring, blacklisting, various report generating functions and HTML file downloading via LAN/Internet - makes for a comprehensive management tool for controlling the fuel and lubricant use in this demanding environment. The figure on the next page gives a representation of how the different components interact to form the complete system. Refer to the technical document for more information on each individual aspect of the system.

Benefits and Advantages
Implementing a FAMS at your industry can dramatically improve your daily operations. Not only will you have better security and clarity regarding the usage of your liquid assets, management will also have detailed reports ON TIME informing them of the current status of operations. Some Benefits of the system are:
o Improved Service quality to End-User
o Improved Customer Relations
o Improved account and credit control
o Speeds up service for optimal service delivery
o Optimized inventory control
o Minimize Losses
o Cuts on personnel costs Equipment Feature and Benefits:
o Dispensing Hardware
o Rugged and Robust Design
o Easy and Simple Operation
o Local Display of any Dispensing actions
o Technical information on vehicles (dispensing end-users)
o Secure dispensing identification techniques
o Local copy of all transactions
o Local vehicle/end-user verifications
o Display of other information System Software:
o Extensive breakdown of every liter of fluid dispensed
o Generate reports of vehicles, group, cost centers, etc.
o Compare graphs of different users, vehicles, groups, etc.
o Setup exception daily reports for critical situations
o Receive SMS Alarms for predefined alarm conditions
o Have a accurate reconciliation of Fluid Usages Account When partnering with Tecmo Automation, a company can look forward to some of the following benefits:
o Obtain a experienced partner in the field of liquids managements
o Have a technically skilled partner that understand your needs and will tailor products for your specific applications
o Have backup and support when using the system, or when encountering a problem at the clients disposal as part of the system Other Fluids:
AMS or Aqua Management System ?
With Web Hosting facilities available at Tecmo Automation HQ, we have the ability to monitor and manage residential, commercial or industrial Aqua Systems. Making use of GPRS and RF technology, Tecmo is able to remotely management specific points in an existing water infrastructure. Tecmo also provides the function to view and obtain historical data. Using this data tends can be plotted and behavior of the system can be studied. Energy measurement:
AMR or Automated Meter Reading ?
With the existing infrastructure and many years of experience in the field of Energy Management Systems, we now have established and Energy Management Centre from where we are able to provide a total solution to our clients, managing their energy resources.
Specialized Measurment and Management ?
CSDTecmo often develop to measure and manage specific to a client?s needs. The modular nature of our technology allows certain flexibility towards various types data and processes and its management.

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Keywords: Fluid Management

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