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By: Cryptomathic  11-11-2011

Strong authentication requires at least two of three basic principles, something.. you know / you have / you are and it is the 'something you have' that can often present the greatest logistical challenges. The concept is similar to that of a payment card; it can be used by the customer to perform transactions but the physical plastic must also be managed by the bank.

Lifecycle Management

The lifecycle of a token requires careful management. Some of the main lifecycle phases include:

  • Ordering
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Stock management
  • Allocation
  • Activation
  • Expiration
  • Revocation

End-2-End Lifecycle Management

Cryptomathic Token Manager is an end-2-end lifecycle management tool, designed for authentication purposes. As well as supporting the lifecycle phases it enables the token Issuer to define their own 'custom states' and the mechanisms used to transfer token states, providing a flexible yet detailed model for the control of any token type.

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The Authenticator is scalable and is used by customers for managing anywhere from a few hundred users to several million.The solution is the best 2FA solution for large roll-outs due to its performance and scalability features.


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As the private key is stored centrally, the physical security and responsibility of the key no longer lies with the individual user, as it is not stored on a PC or hardware token. The Signer functionality of using a central server for securely creating digital signatures on a user's behalf is a unique design by Cryptomathic and is patented worldwide.