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By: Crescent Mobile  11-11-2011
Keywords: Cell phone, Islamic Schools

We live in a world where technology seems to dominate our lives. It enables us to be faster, smarter and more in touch than ever before. As a member of this hi-tech world, your cell phone is probably already part of your business and social life. Why not make it part of your spiritual and community life as well? By using it to help stay in touch with the things that are important to you, you can help grow and foster our community and create unity through community. Crescent Lifestyle is a unique concept that embraces the life of a Muslim in all aspects, not only benefiting you, but your family and your community as well ,by bringing you closer together. For a subscription fee of only R55 a month you have access to the following:
  1. Celebrating your life of sharing
  2. Celebrating your life of giving
  3. Celebrating your life of Islam
  4. Celebrating your lifestyle of saving money.

Celebrating your life of sharing
Imagine being notified of all major occasions that are relevant to you and your Islamic lifestyle!

With Crescent Lifestyle, your Masaajid can keep in touch with you any time of the day. At no cost to the Masaajid, they can communicate with you directly through daily, weekly and monthly SMS messages that will enrich your life:-
  • Teaching of the week
  • Salaat time
  • Marriage and funeral notifications
  • During Ramadan you will be communicated with regarding:
    • Sighting of the moon
    • Breaking fast times
  • Halaal notifications
  • Local/Regional meetings and notices

We are only a community when we care about and share with each other. And we can only do that by staying connected.

Celebrating your life of giving
Part of our responsibility in life is to give. Through Crescent Lifestyle, a portion of your monthly subscription goes to the charity, Islamic schools or Masaajid that you elected on your application form.

Crescent Trust has been created to oversee and ensure corporate governance over the transfer of funds from the Crescent mobile to the Masaajid/charities and schools that you have selected.
This trust is made up of a Board of reputable Ulamaa and community members.

Celebrating your life of Islam
At Crescent Lifestyle we aim to support and enhance all aspects of our Islamic life, and assist you to fulfill one of the most important acts of worship in our life. With Crescent Lifestyle every member has an opportunity to receive R10 000 contribution towards Umrah on a monthly draw or R50 000 on a yearly draw towards a Hajj package.Celebrating your lifestyle of saving money
Your Crescent lifestyle is your ticket to amazing special offers. We have negotiated, on your behalf, the best rates on a variety of goods and services within your own community, as well as countrywide. All you need to do is present your Crescent Lifestyle card when purchasing. Our extensive list of participating retailers and service providers will be continually added to so be sure to visit our website regularly link.

So give us a call now to find out more on 0861 444 786.

Keywords: Cell phone, Islamic Schools