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By: Cr2  11-11-2011
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Channel Integration

Multi-channel integration enables banks to build loyalty and profitability. It does this by delivering personalised banking services to targeted customer groups by providing a single and consolidated view across all channels. Implementing a channel management solution ties a banks' multiple back and front end systems together.

BankWorld Channel Manager securely and transparently manages and integrates the channels through which banking services are delivered including PDA, phone banking and kiosk as well as Internet and ATM. They are integrated both to each other as well as to the bank's host systems.


  • Increase customer loyalty and retention:
    • Single point for managing customer limits and exposure
    • Consistent view of information available both internally and externally
  • Minimal investment required:
    • Maintains investment in existing systems
    • Reduced IT cost dependency for new service initiatives
  • Increased revenue:
    • Consolidated database for CRM initiatives
    • Implement branding and marketing messages targeted to a customer segment
  • Speed to market
    • Easy deployment of new channels/back office and products and services

BankWorld Channel Manager provides financial institutions with the competitive advantage of having a holistic view of each customer across the multiple touch points and similarly provides the bank's customers with a consistent view of the bank regardless of the channel used. It also:

Keywords: Banking Services, Banks, Channel Management, Customer Loyalty, Financial Institutions, Phone Banking

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CR2: Channel Banking Software - products overview April

BankWorld empowers financial institutions with the freedom to create, manage and deliver targeted products and services to each customer or customer group at every point of customer contact based on a customers profile segment. According to Datamonitor latest online banking research “online banking in the age of web 2.0”, channel vendors including CR2 focus on enabling sales and marketing actions across multiple channels.


ATM banking software as part of your channel management offering

BankWorld ATM enables financial institutions for the first time to create, manage and deliver targeted products, services, and branding as well as tailored messages to customers via the ATM, pending their customer profile segment. CR2's ATM banking software comprises four elements required for the successful delivery of targeted and relevant ATM offerings, as well as optimum management of the ATM channel.


Internet Banking software as part of your channel management offering

With the acquisition of new customers always a more expensive proposition than the retention of existing ones, banks clearly understand the drive to up-sell account holders and gain greater share of wallet. BankWorld Internet provides banks with complete control for the first time to create, manage and deliver targeted products and services direct to individual customers via their online banking channel.


Mobile banking software as part of your channel management offering

This mobile banking software solution provides financial institutions with a way to communicate in real-time with their customers using both one way and two way SMS messaging. BankWorld allows other mobile services and devices including WAP and PDA advanced mobile phones to conduct transactions like bill payments, fund transfers, check balances etc.


Kiosk Banking software as part of your channel management offering

BankWorld Kiosk is a customisable software solution which enables financial institutions to deliver personalised statements, bill payments services and notifications to customers in locations such as branches, shopping malls and airports 24/7. BankWorld Kiosk can also be used by not-on-us customers to conduct card transactions such as bill payment and card to card transfer.


Card issuing and management software as part of your channel management offering

CardWorld Card Management System carries out online transaction checks such as PIN and transaction limit verification, as well as administering card data and the control of physical plastics production through an interface with CardWorld Producer.