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By: Cp Nel Motors  11-11-2011
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Services “What we do for our customers”

What can you expect when you buy a vehicle from CP Nel Motors in Mossel Bay ?

The first experience will be one of professionalism in welcoming you into the business and making you feel relaxed and at ease. All of our sales staff are trained in comprehensive product knowledge and will be able to answer most, if not all of your questions.

Secondly, should you wish to proceed with an interest in one of our fine vehicles, either new or used, we have a “Business Manager” on site who is qualified to assist with finance. He has all the required legal accreditations and deals with all of the banks in order to secure for you the best possible transaction.

Thirdly, should we be privileged to assist you in a purchase, you will be delighted to note that, unlike many other motor dealers, we treat the delivery as the beginning of a relationship, NOT the end of a sale. It is not for nothing that we have the motto “Family you can trust” as a Company standard.

We really do walk the walk, as we sincerely believe that the only reason we are in business is to serve our customers and to turn the purchase of a vehicle into a memorable experience.

This customer-centric philosophy runs all the way through the business, as you will note in the extra mile which is frequently walked by the Workshop to assist a customer – who may even just be in the Mossel Bay area on holiday. We deliver cars and trucks all over the Country – and we do so with a smile

BP Service Station

Our current business premises started as a BP Service Station in 1966. The original plans were drawn up  by Paul  Bisset, Architect, Cape Town. In 1988, CP Nel Motors, relocated from where the present Bayside Centre in Bland Street is situated (under the big Fig Tree) to De Bakke, making way for a shopping centre to serve the residents of Mossel Bay.

BP (British Petroleum) celebrated their centenary on 14 April 2009. They distribute their fuels and oils from 22 600 service stations in 29 countries. At their refineries, 2.7 million barrels of oil are processed each day. An extract from the BP website: “BP Alternative Energy are investing in new ways of providing energy – from innovative new solar and wind businesses to advanced biofuels and clean energy technologies. Next time you switch on a light in your home, consider this: power plants produce twice as much carbon dioxide as all the world’s transport put together. This means that the electricity we use at work, home and school may be one of the most significant contributors to global warming”.

Our service station offers our customers, BP Diesel and both unleaded and lead replacement petrol. The AA has endorsed BP fuels and oils by making BP their supplier of choice. Castrol Oil was acquired by BP and we supply both BP and Castrol oils to our customers. In addition BP is the only fuel company that guarantee their product. To ensure that the fuels we supply are not contaminated by water or solids, we test the product in our tanks, daily.

The price of petrol is a complex equation and there are a lot of factors, from taxes to politics, to the weather that cause the fluctuations in the price of petrol. Refineries buy crude oil at the best available price. This is largely set by supply and demand, or how much crude oils is available at the time and how many companies want to buy it.

Supply can be affected by geopolitics or weather events for example a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. The final price displayed on the pumps includes taxes which are set by the local and national government. For example, in the UK and much of Europe, taxes make up 70 % whereas in the USA and Mexico this is closer to 20 %. In South Africa the pump prices for petrol is adjusted by the Department of Mineral and Energy and takes place at midnight on first Tuesday of the month. This method allows for the over-or under-recoveries to be adjusted by the State.

Our customers are served by a dedicated team of nine whose combined length of service equals 98 years. We look forward to welcoming you onto our forecourt and giving you friendly and efficient service.

Keywords: Vehicle