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By: Coventryhouse  11-11-2011
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South Africans that reside, work, or travel abroad require Police Clearance Certificates for purposes such as residence permission, court requirements, or securing employment.

A Police Clearance is obtained by lodging a set of finger prints at the CRC where upon a Police Clearance Certificate is issued which indicates if the individual has a criminal record. Fingerprints are compared to the SAPS criminal record database. If a criminal record is recorded, the criminal record will be indicated on the Police Clearance or Police Clearance Certificate. South African Police Clearances are only issued by the CRIMINAL RECORD CENTRE in Pretoria. Police Clearance Certificates are valid for a period of 12 months. Police Clearances will only be re-issued within 6 months of the issue of the Police Clearance Certificate and the re-issued Police Clearance will only be valid for the remainder of the 12 months from the issue of the initial Police Clearance Certificate. - All Police Clearance Certificates are issued in English only. No temporary Police Clearance Certificates can be issued.

- The period of validity of a Police Clearance Certificate differs from country to country. It is the applicant’s responsibility to confirm the period of validity at the relevant country’s embassy. - Usually only children of 14 years and older require a Police Clearance Certificate. (Once again it is the applicant’s responsibility to verify this with the relevant country’s embassy.

Depending on the purpose and the country you reside in it may be required that the Police Clearance Certificate must be legalised or a Apostille seal must be affixed


  • Obtain a full set of fingerprints on an SAPS 91(a) fingerprint form:
    - If you are in SA from your local SAPS.
    - If you are abroad from the nearest SA representative or from your local Police.

    The applicant’s full names, surname, SA identity number and place ( town and country ) of birth must also be completed on the SAPS 91(a) form. Make sure that a receipt for the relevant fees paid, is attached to the application. All applications must be accompanied by a certified copy of the applicant’s identity document or passport.

  • We collect the documents from you (Pretoria and Johannesburg area) OR you courier or post the application to us.
  • We lodge the application for a criminal record certificate direct at the “Criminal Record Centre” of the SAPS in Pretoria.
  • We follow up the issue of the police certificate.
  • On issue we collect the police certificate.
  • We post or courier the police certificate to you.

    Documents needed for a Police Clearance Certificate

    • A set of fingerprints
    • Certified copy of ID or Passport
    • Letter of Authorisation to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate

    Turn around time for a Police Clearance certificate:
    6 - 8 weeks

    Certificate of Authentication or Apostille for Police Clearance :

    It is important to find out whether the requesting authority would need the police clearance certificate to be legalised. It will save time and money to submit the certificate to the Legalisation Section at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Pretoria (now called Department of International Relations and Cooperation) before it is returned to the applicant. The Apostille or Certificate of Authentication will be a typed page authenticating the signature on the Personal Police Clearance and will be affixed to the Police Clearance with a green string in the punch holes and have a big fat red emblem on the bottom left hand side.Courier Fees
    - R 120 overnight door to door courier in SA.
    - Out of South Africa will be quoted separately.

    VERY IMPORTANT !!! Although we will do our best, issue times cannot be guaranteed

  • Keywords: Identity Document, Police clearance