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By: Cougar Software  11-11-2011
Keywords: Real Estate, Property Management

Cougar™ offers a modular range of scalable solutions designed to simplify and improve the management of real estate assets and investments. Cougar™ is typically configured and implemented as the consolidated strategic reporting and analytics "hub" for real estate performance management. Cougar™ is designed to largely replace your use of Microsoft® Excel™. Excel™ is over-used in real estate organizations, because property management and accounting systems do not provide the type of analytical capabilities required by professional investors. The more your organization uses Excel™, or the longer it takes to do things that should be easier - like prepare budgets or do quarterly reporting - then the greater your need for Cougar™.

Keywords: Property Management, Real Estate

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Facilitated by standard integrations with all major property management and accounting systems, combined with its forecasting capabilities, Cougar™ is the only solution that can seamlessly report a complex combination of performance, cashflow and balance sheet indicators on historical, actual, and forecast information.


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Cougar™ offers peace of mind and visibility across the real estate lifecycle by integrating data from property management and accounting, valuation and market sources to give analysts, asset managers, property managers and accountants the accurate data to support the entire investment Real Estate business process.


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Through our experience we have developed a proven implementation methodology which combines our accumulated knowledge of the industry, our familiarity with best practice processes, and our track record of success to maximize the return on your investment.


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The current leadership has done an incredible job of building an experienced team, developing best in class technology, and assembling a roster of world renowned clients; my goal is to build on this success story and continue to expand our product and service offerings and continue to expand our network of satisfied and referenceable clients.