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By: Cornerstone Software  11-11-2011

Due to the phenomenal growth in the building and construction industry, the need for a system to handle the demand for the supply of aggregates has become apparent. Such a system will have to accommodate the ever growing needs and demands on the suppliers of aggregates. The system must address a wide range of functions and provide much needed capabilities in a multi-faceted environment.

BIBI has been designed in conjunction with some of the largest quarries in South Africa and forms the backbone of these businesses. The software has been fine tuned for optimal performance, greatly reducing the time that a load spends on the weighbridge. Field trials have yielded positive results, with outcomes of over 700 tons of aggregate being accurately dispatched within thirty minutes.

The system offers a multitude of functionality that not only aids in the loading and dispatching of aggregates at the weighbridge, but also simplifies back office tasks. Integration into various accounting packages, executive level graphs and reporting, billing and invoicing functionality and accurate vehicle tracking are just some of the features offered by the software.

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During the development of BIBI (Business Intelligence for the Building Industry) we noted that some of our clients used their own vehicles for delivery to their various clients. Questions raised on a monthly basis would be "how much does my truck really cost per kilometer?", "Do we actually profit from maintaining a delivery service?".