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By: Corecruitment  11-11-2011
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COREcruitment provide a number recruitment services including:

Client Services

Candidate Services

Contiguency Recruitment

Contiguency recruitment is the most popular method of consultancy recruitment.

After collecting a comprehensive job description and person specification we will adapt a number of techniques to find the right person for you.

* Use of our own exclusive Database (currently 90,000)
* Advertising through Web and press
* Networking through the industry

Screening and presenting the candidates is where COREcruitment excels, all of our specialised consultants have industry experience and have been trained in conducting competency-based interviews. We also believe in reference checking any candidate submitted to a client prior to interview so as the client’s time is saved and the candidate can be given the most comprehensive interview possible.


Selection or ‘executive search’ is a tool used normally only at senior level within organisations.

COREcruitment can be relied upon for complete discretion and the technique tailored to the needs of the client is completely bespoke.

COREcruitment is accepting of any recruitment assignments, however due to the special relationships that we like to build and maintain with our clients we believe that it would be an abuse of trust to make an active approach to the employees of a client company without their consent.

Psychometric Testing

Advertsied Assignments

COREcruitment work in conjunction with a number of freelance designers and public relations specialists. We are capable of designing a campaign that will not only raise the profile of your organisation but will also attract the right calibre of candidate for your organisation. We can handle all applications submitting only those in line with your criteria and allow complete transparency on all applications made.

Open Day Packages

Open days allow clients to recruit a large number of candidates in a short period of time while inducting them to their unique culture and service style. This approach normally works best of recruiting large numbers of front line employees up to supervisor level.

Adverts in the media will also raise the profile of your brand in the market place. Core will field the responses to the adverts and invite suitable individuals to attend the open day, all applicants who to not match the agreed criteria will be informed accordingly. We will organize and manage the open days themselves conducting screening interviews and conducing tests in math, English and basic customer service.

All successful candidates will be processed to the next stage. Provide feedback to the client throughout the process. Where possible it is also good for a representative of the company attend the open day to explain fully the needs and culture of the organization.

We will submit all suitable applicants and their details to the company with all tests marked and recommendations about candidates.

CV Preparation

Your CV is your method of being noticed – keep that in mind when putting it together.

• Keep the document simple and easy to read
• Give figures wherever possible (turnover, staff numbers, profit increases etc)
• Focus on key points that you can expand upon at interview
• List your most recent position first
• Mention any training courses/qualifications you have achieved
• Where possible keep your CV to two pages
• Ensure only information relevant to your application is on the document
• Be honest
• Give current and accurate contact details, many applications are lost through inaccuracies, make sure you are comfortable being contacted on the details given
• Life is not all about work, make sure you mention your hobbies and interests
• Don’t assume – make sure that information would be clear to a stranger reading it
• Ensure that the document is spell checked and grammar checked, ask a friend or a family member to read over its contents.
• Make sure you have the names and contact details of two work referees who are happy to be contacted

Interview Preparation

Interview preparation tips and techniques from COREcruitment. Each interview will be different but it is up to the candidate, with the help of our recruitment consultants, to ensure that they have done everything possible to portray themselves in the best light in the interview.

Here are some valuable interview preparation tips:

• Make sure you have researched the company fully, where appropriate ask your consultant for any further information on the company or the person interviewing you.
• Try to time your journey to the interview, a dry run can often be beneficial
• Prepare well through of questions to pose at interview
• Look smart and well presented – it is always better to look too smart rather than too casual
• Be familiar with you CV, make sure you take a copy with you

During the interview

What to wear to an interview

There are many unknown factors in the interview itself but it is the most important part of the recruitment process, making the right impression is essential!

• Try to remain calm and confident throughout
• Try to put yourself across as being as friendly and positive as possible, this is a service industry and the way you interact with the interviewer will represent the way you will deal with people in general
• Give clear answers that have been well thought through

Likely interview Questions

• Why are you leaving your present job?
• Why to you want this job?
• What are your strengths?
• What motivates you?
• Tell me about your day-to-day tasks?
• How do you motivate your team?
• How would your colleagues describe you?
• What do your think of your current employer?
• What do your do outside of work?
• Which position have you enjoyed the most on your CV
• Where do you see yourself in five years time?
• What have been your major achievements in life?
• What questions do you have for us?

It is common practice for interviews to ask for examples it is good to have a few in mind when the interview takes place

Keywords: Psychometric Testing, recruitment