Container Conversions

By: Containers For You  11-11-2011
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Do you need to create a semi-permanent working, living or office environment?

Well our Container Conversions are perfect for the Job.

There is no need to meet clients and negotiate deals under a tree just because your office has temporarily moved to the construction or mining site. Move your traditional office into a fully converted and customized mobile office. This way your workers can perform the same functions as if you were right in your office! ALLOW YOUR STAFF TO BE 100% PRODUCTIVE!

If you need affordable, efficient and practical space, we deliver specialised solutions fast and finished to your exact requirements. Whether you need a short- or a long-term accommodation solution, we can meet your needs on time, on budget and to specification. Backed by a highly experienced and enthusiastic team of people, an extensive range of high-quality products and a passionate, dedicated service ethic, we at Containers Investments are building strong connections with Southern African companies.

We exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering on our promise of value and excellent customer service. Whether you require temporary or permanent space, we specializes in office containers and temporary office and storage solutions to meet your specific requirements, budget and building codes.

We convert containers into many variations including:

* Office Containers
* Class Room Containers
* Cold Storage Containers
* Living Quarter Containers
* Ablution Block Containers
* Mortuary Containers
* Storage Containers
* Refrigerated Containers
* Low Cost Housing Containers
* Medical Suite Containers
* Tuck Shop Containers
* Construction Site Offices

And many more! For more information on Container Weights & Measures please

Our Insulated Panels & Manufacturing is a class leading quality offering, and outstanding value for money. Custom designed panels and standard application panels are available.

Whether you require standard application Prefabricated Panels or Custom Designed Panels we offer it all under one roof at the most competitive prices.

Our dedicated team will satisfy every need by offering excellent quality workmanship and products with excellent turn around times. We supply throughout South Africa and neighboring countries making it extremely easy and cost effective to let us take care of all your panel requirements!

Park Homes, are built on a non-removable steel chassis and transported to the building site on crane trucks. These units are insulated with standard EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) with various thicknesses available. Polyurethane insulation and rock wool insulation is also available if needed.

Where transport is relatively close by or there are not enough units to benefit from the economies of flat-packed units built on site, factory-built mobile units are made in a controlled environment in our factory. These units are easy to relocate and have a smaller impact on the site for future rehabilitation.

We supply 50mm chromadek high density foam doors with three lever Mortise lock on outside of door. Floors are fully customizable. These units are on a steel chassis with lengths of 6m, 9,6m, 12m, 15m and 18m. Standard widths of 3m or 6m are available. Floor coverings includes carpet, vinyl tiles, vinyl sheeting, polyurethane and ceramic tiles.

We can supply electrical and plumbing fittings, these are SABS compliant and we adhere to specifications and requirements. Window wall and high wall split Air conditions are available. We supply LG or Unionaire.

You can be assured that we install only the highest quality fittings. We can supply stoves, light fixtures an furniture based exactly on your requirements.

The advantage of prefabricated units are that they can be flat-packed or containerized, reducing transport costs considerably. Generally units are shipped to sites in shipping containers after which our team of assemblers will erect the units on site. If you prefer erecting the unit yourself, you can do so. Should you wish we can send one of our supervisors to guide and assist you.

Our Prefabs are designed and assembled for various semi-permanent utilities including:

* Site Offices
* Low Cost Housing/Accommodation
* Ablution Blocks
* Kitchen and dining facilities
* Recreational Facilities
* Classrooms
* Guard Houses
* Laboratories
* Schools
* and many more

Customize your pre-fabricated building from the floors, tiling, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, paint and light fixtures to electrical and plumbing!!

Just say it, and we'll do it for you!

Modular buildings are the perfect solution if you require fast temporary or long-term solution for your office or accommodation needs.

Units are built on a concrete slabs to exact specifications, allowing the advantages of transport of a modular system, whilst giving you the cost and speed advantage of a prefabricated building.

Benefits of pre-fabricated buildings:

* It requires less on-site labour than conventional building
* Prefabricated units are more cost effective than traditional building costs
* Quicker turn around time than conventional structures
* Extremely flexible design parameters
* Less skill required
* Easy to relocate


Chemical Toilets are essential for construction, or mining sites and/or many other facilities. They are utilized by industrial and commercial industries, various building companies or contractors, event organizers, sports arenas and holiday facilities.

To ensure you receive only the highest quality mobile, rental toilets available on the market, we import all our toilets directly from Italy.

Marketing 4U is committed to a green future for our planet. To make this reality, our mobile rental toilets have the following attributes:

* Our toilets are made of Polyethylene. Polyethylene ensures that those bad odours, typically associated with other mobile toilets, don't stay in the toilet. This way, the toilet users are constantly greeted with a pure smell when using the toilet, making it a more pleasurable experience.
* We use an environmentally friendly chemical in the toilets, and not formaldehyde as many of our competitors do.

Uses for chemical toilets includes:

* Weddings/Private parties
* Concerts/Sports events
* Corporate Events
* Disabled Events
* Golf Courses
* Fishing Lakes
* Car Parks
* Security Guards
* Construction
* Local Authorities
* Industrial and Commercial Sites

Our pre-owned and new wholesale containers can be modified to suit your every requirement. We specialize in container conversions, park homes converted as per your specification and modular buildings constructed on site, including earthworks and engineer approved plans, if you should require them.

Originally built to strict shipping standards, to stand up to the rigors of sea travel, these giant, extremely strong, watertight containers are theft-proof and virtually impregnable. These excellent features make these containers perfect for safe and secure on-site storage, overland transportation or to be customized into any number of practical uses. And unlike conventional buildings, need not become a permanent part of your property. You can move them anywhere, any time. These containers have a reinforced steel frame that is continuously welded to conform to government and shipping standards. All units are equipped with rubber gaskets around the cargo doors to prevent leaks.

* 6m 6.05 x 2.44 x 2.59m

Internal Dimensions of 6m

* Length 5.87m
* Width 2.34m
* Height 2.38m
* Cubic Capacity 31Cubic Meters
* Floor Area 13.75 Square Meters
* Door Opening Width 2.34m
* Door Opening Height 2.31m

Weight of 6m

* Steel Container 2 300kg
* Refrigerated Container 2 990kg

* If you need to find out more about what we have to offer, contact Nadine de Beer who will be able to answer your questions or get you the answers you need.

Container Locks


* Our products have been tried and tested on various containers and proven to maintain their strength and durability.

* The compact locking device is easy to fit and is re-usable . It slam locks in place.

* Our locks are produced to high standards and manufactured with quality materials. Final testing and quality control are performed before dispatching the product.

* We continually research and develop the product and thus far offer the best technology possible.

* We also offer a tracking feature.

Weight 3,5kg
Dimension 140mm x 100mm x 75mm

Cold Rooms

Refrigeration technology plays an important role in our daily lives, especially in the commercial world. Liquor retailers, Department stores, restaurants, florists and even the little grocery shop on the corner all make use of walk-in freezers or coolers. Even in the most desolate and remote locations, such as exotic island resorts and African safari lodges make use of these facilities. The needs of their guests around the globe means that sufficient, refrigeration equipment must be installed to provide an adequate service.

Walk-in freezers are available for both outdoor and indoor use, come in standard sizes or can be custom made, based on your requirements, optimizing and space availability. Units can be manufactured on concrete slabs or on steel chassis to make them portable.

We deliver our cold rooms to your site, flat packed, after which they are unloaded and assembled by our trained technicians.

Walk in freezers can be either bought or rented (Long term or short term) and our versatile panelized system can be used for:

* Fruit and vegetables (5ºC) or game (4ºC)
* General Storage (2ºC)
* Meat and fish products (0ºC to -2ºC)
* Other frozen storage (-18ºC to -25ºC)

We offer the following:

* Cold Rooms
* Freezer Rooms
* Insulated Truck bodies
* Cellular Containers
* Mortuary Cabinets

Keywords: Container Conversions, Insulated Panels