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By: Consumer Assist  11-11-2011
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Consumer Assist Support Services provides a total solution for accredited debt counsellors.

We take care of the administration processes as prescribed by the National Credit Act (NCA), from negotiations with credit providers to the distribution of settlement amounts, leaving debt counsellors free to focus on assisting consumers to get out of debt. Remember that being in debt is stressful and your role is to try and alleviate the consumer’s stress by ensuring ongoing meaningful consultation and communication with your clients.

Benefits to Debt Counsellors

Utilising efficient systems geared towards debt review and in association with our preferred service providers, CASS provides the following to debt counsellors:

  • Training workshops for accredited debt counsellors
  • Facilitation of all administrative processes via the Process Facilitation System (PFS) allowing a personal relationship to be maintained with consumer
  • Appointment of attorney and management of legal process
  • Collective negotiating power with creditors and stakeholders
  • Co-coordinating and submission of proposals and counter proposals
  • Generation of payment plans and communications with credit providers
  • Automated interaction with consumers at specific intervals of the debt review process
  • Centralised collection of funds from consumers for distribution to the creditors through the National Payment Distribution Agency (NPDA)
  • Distribution of payment statements to consumer upon request
  • 24/7/365 call centre

Benefits for the consumer

  • We deal with creditors and come to an agreement with them so that you don’t have to
  • You get access to a dedicated debt counsellor who facilitates the debt review process on your behalf
  • We provide a fully managed legal process
  • Our experience and footprint means we have extensive negotiating power with credit providers and stakeholders

Benefits of the Process Facilitation System

  • Easy access to clients via web-based system
  • Centralised document uploading system
  • User access levels
  • Manages and maintains all admin functions
  • Centralised query system
  • Reporting
  • Escalation of queries
  • Automated feedback to clients
  • Instant appointment of attorneys
  • Monitors and manages the legal process

The flowchart below covers nearly every prospect of the process.

What is the next step?

Keywords: Credit Providers, Debt Counsellor, debt counsellors

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Debt Counselling | Consumer Assist

CASS negotiates with the credit provider – on behalf of the consumer – for a lower monthly repayment amount in order to assist the consumer in retaining their assets as well as regaining their financial freedom. The provision of the service is regulated by the National Credit Act and provides over-indebted consumers with greater protection against credit providers threatening to take legal action.