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By: Consumer Assist  11-11-2011
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Did you know?

Once you have applied for Debt Counselling, your Credit Providers cannot commence with any legal action for a period of 60 business days. This is to allow time for the Debt Review process to be completed.

Debt counselling is a professional service provided by accredited debt counsellors for over-indebted consumers. The provision of the service is regulated by the National Credit Act (NCA) and provides over-indebted consumers with greater protection against credit providers threatening to take legal action.

The main objective of debt counselling is to develop a repayment plan that is affordable for the consumer and acceptable to the credit provider.

CASS negotiates with the credit provider – on behalf of the consumer – for a lower monthly repayment amount in order to assist the consumer in retaining their assets as well as regaining their financial freedom.

The Debt Review Process

Steps of the Debt Review Process:

Debt review is a fairly lengthy process that can be confusing to consumers at times. Our expert accredited debt counsellors take the worry and frustration out of the process providing peace of mind to the consumer.

  • We ensure that all relevant documentation is accurately completed and checked
  • Completed application forms and supporting documentation is sent to CASS for processing and allocation to an accredited debt counsellor
  • The relevant forms are completed and forwarded to the consumer’s creditors
  • Creditors in turn provide CASS with Certificates of Balances on all debt
  • Proposed repayment plans are drafted and sent to creditors for acceptance
  • Once an answer is received from creditors an attorney is allocated
  • An affidavit is drafted by the attorney for signature by the consumer
  • A court date is set
  • Creditors either oppose or accept the payment plan proposal
  • If payment plan proposal is accepted, a court order is granted
  • If payment plan proposal is opposed, litigation takes place or a postponement

Taking the next step

Keywords: Credit Providers, Debt Counselling, Debt Counsellor, debt counsellors

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We take care of the administration processes as prescribed by the National Credit Act, from negotiations with credit providers to the distribution of settlement amounts, leaving debt counsellors free to focus on assisting consumers to get out of debt. Remember that being in debt is stressful and your role is to try and alleviate the consumer’s stress by ensuring ongoing meaningful consultation and communication with your clients.