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By: Computron Software  12-08-2011
Keywords: Financial Transactions

As a business operating in the modern global marketplace, the tracking and reporting of your financial transactions are subject to increased legal and managerial requirements – often with complex regulatory implications. To ensure that your books are complete and accurate, you can trust Computron’s proven General Ledger solution. With Computron, you can achieve comprehensive account visibility across multiple companies and divisions, as well as an unlimited number of currencies and reporting calendars. And with Computron’s powerful query tools, you can leverage stored financial, statistical, and budgetary information to create meaningful summaries, comparisons and reports.

Read on to learn how Computron’s General Ledger works for you.

Flexible Accounting Structure

Computron’s General Ledger enables you to customize your Posting Account structure to satisfy multiple unique management and international statutory reporting requirements, as well as to facilitate “soft” account roll-ups for true “what if” analysis, without sacrificing established structure constraints and controls. In addition to customizing the Posting Account structure, each distinct company within your organization may tailor their posting calendar and currency based on local requirements. Despite company/division level customization, organization level reports retain a consolidated view across various entities and currencies.

Robust Journal Capabilities

Computron's General Ledger supports all journal types, including standard journal entry, accrual reversals, and recurring entries, all of which you can create online or upload via a batch process. To support international business transactions, multiple currency postings are supported from the same journal entry.  Advanced features involve automatic inter-company balancing and currency translation for these journals.

Comprehensive Budgeting

Utilize your General Ledger data to create multiple executable budgets at all organizational levels; against single accounts or across whole ranges. For ultimate flexibility, you can work with forecasting and budgeting numbers in a locally-defined spreadsheet and upload the results to Computron’s General Ledger module as needed. To streamline the budgeting process even further, Computron can create a budget for you based on a prior year’s actual or statistical data.

Customizable Allocations

Using the Allocations functionality of Computron’s General Ledger module, you can tailor how amounts are distributed from one account to another based on user-defined conditions and formulas. Allocations are easily reversible and provide for detailed analysis of profitability by business unit, product line, or project, for both direct and indirect expenses.

Powerful Reporting and Query Capabilities

     Customizable Reports      

With customizable reports and the ability to automate the generation of standard periodic reports, you can extract, analyze, and present your financial data with ease. Powerful yet intuitive ad-hoc queries enable you to produce various report formats, such as pie charts, graphs, spreadsheets, or pre-defined forms which Computron can send to a defined e-mail distribution or network printer. Computron handles the currency translation, cross-company consolidation, and unlimited tree-structure roll-up behind the scenes so that you can focus on analysis and presentation.

 Interactive Queries 

Computron’s General Ledger features a comprehensive query tool which enables you to perform detailed analysis and auditing on financial data, including real time net income and retained earnings to provide a true trial balance. Using the drill back feature, you can follow transactional data back to the raw source information as needed, even across companies and ledgers (AP, AR, FA, PO etc.), from balance to distribution, to obtain detailed source-level information. With flexible filtering and customizable query screens, you can be sure that you’re getting the right information at the right time and in the right format.

Stable Software Foundation

For over 30 years, Computron’s suite of products has helped multi-national corporations manage billions of dollars worth of business. The backbone of Computron’s software solution is a robust, customizable security module that enables you to restrict system access based on a virtually unlimited combination of user and system parameters.

An International System

With installations in more than 30 countries worldwide, Computron fully recognizes the diverse needs of international business. That is why Computron's Enterprise Financials suite provides adroit currency and language handling for a seamless cross-company and cross-continent experience, including:

  • The ability to define an unlimited number of currencies and daily or periodic conversion rates
  • Automatic conversion rate adjustment to meet specific currency formats
  • Simultaneous posting in multiple currencies, at transaction level, using spot or daily rates
  • Currency translation of balances for reporting and retention, using historic, period end, and average rate combinations
  • The facility to provide multiple posting structures that meet local regulatory requirements.
  • The ability to execute queries and generate reports in any currency and date format, in order to satisfy reporting needs for foreign parent companies and regulatory bodies
  • On-screen, user-definable language and terminology configuration to support localization.

For prompt and accurate reporting, Computron's General Ledger integrates fully with other Computron applications as well as with applications outside of the Computron product suite.

Keywords: Financial Transactions

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