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By: Computron Software  12-08-2011
Keywords: Accounts Receivable, Credit Manager, Cash Collection

Take charge of your organization's cash collection activities with Computron's Accounts Receivable module. With efficient invoicing, receipt control, and debtor management, as well as robust queries and a customizable interface, Computron's Accounts Receivable enables you to keep track of the lifeblood of your organization accurately and effectively.

Read on to learn how Computron’s Accounts Receivable can work for you.

Maintain Customer Relations

As key components to the success of your organization, your customers require ample consideration within your accounting system. Use Computron’s Accounts Receivable module to establish unique customer profiles at the corporate and company level, including default payment terms, credit and collection information, and statement and dunning letter options. You may define multiple addresses, contact points, and an unlimited number of ship-to locations for each customer. Your customer service reps can enter free-form notes on a customer record to improve future customer relations. For ease of reporting and analysis, customers may be classified into distinct categories, sub-categories, and types.

Streamlined Invoicing

Computron’s user-friendly and efficient Direct Invoicing sub module handles invoicing for goods and services using multiple price and discount options, pick list generation, sales analysis and reporting. This functionality greatly reduces the time required to create and distribute invoices, allowing users to focus on other critical business processes.

Manage Customer Accounts and Collect Payments

Computron’s Accounts Receivable module empowers your credit manager to collect debts and make intelligent business decisions based on easily accessible customer transaction history. Aged balances, available credit, highest credit taken, turnover, and latest transaction and payment dates are stored and tracked to provide a complete picture of customer activity. A convenient queue-based workbench interface enables you to prioritize and initiate customer callbacks to rectify issues.  Callbacks can be managed through a web portal that allows access to non-finance personnel thereby decreasing issue resolution time.

The Accounts Receivable module also facilitates quick and efficient recording, matching and application of receipts, which can be generated in any currency, regardless of the invoice currency. Computron is equipped to handle all cash deposits, pre-payments, and partial payments, automatically validating discounts and generating the appropriate general ledger postings. Payments may be applied automatically across companies via batch processing using an assortment of methodologies such as FIFO or from a remittance advisor.  Tolerance checks can be tailored on a per company basis. In addition, systems outside of the Computron Enterprise Financials suite may post payments to the Computron Accounts Receivable module.

Powerful Reporting and Query Capabilities

Customizable Reports

With customizable reports and the ability to automate the generation of customer detail reports, you can extract, analyze, and present your financial data with ease. Based on user-entered selection criteria, you can generate account statements and reminder letters with pre-defined text relevant to a specific company, language, and severity. All transactions are managed in three currencies; ( 1) transaction, (2) company and (3) corporate. Cross company reports are quickly accomplished using the corporate currency.

Interactive Queries

Computron’s Accounts Receivable module comes with a powerful online query tool for analyzing balances and supplying credit management information, such as paid and unpaid invoices, last payment dates, average pay days, and full statistical analysis.

Stable Software Foundation

For over 30 years, Computron’s suite of products has helped multi-national corporations manage billions of dollars worth of business. The backbone of Computron’s software solution is a robust, customizable security module that enables you to restrict system access based on a virtually unlimited combination of user and system parameters.

An International System

With installations in more than 30 countries worldwide, Computron fully recognizes the diverse needs of international business. That is why Computron's Enterprise Financials suite provides adroit currency and language handling for a seamless cross-company and cross-continent experience, including:

Revaluation of balances at period ends to calculate gains and losses

Adherence to sales tax requirements, including national VAT calculations for purchases

Inquiry and reporting in all currencies for foreign parent, regulatory bodies and other needs

Application Integration

For prompt and accurate reporting, Computron's Accounts Receivable integrates fully with other Computron applications as well as with applications outside of the Computron product suite. The Accounts Receivable/Workflow module integration enables you to capture and manage accounting information from electronic and scanned invoices. You can view scanned invoices, shipping documents, purchase orders, check contracts, or memos online from within the application, and take advantage of automated invoice authorization.

Keywords: Accounts Receivable, Cash Collection, Credit Manager

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