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By: Community Patrols  11-11-2011
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Suburban Security Solutions

Community Patrols was one of the first companies to offer 'suburbCommunity Patrols was one of the first companies to offer 'suburban' security services and today is the preferred provider for a number of areas in Pretoria. We have implemented highly successful crime deterring solutions that have proved their effectiveness over the past 8+ years. When criminals have struck, the coordinated efforts of the residents and our security officers have led to a number of arrests. We value our customers input and together we continue to learn and improve security.

If you are looking at a security solution for your street, area or suburb, please give us a call. If we cannot help you for logistical reasons, you are at least assured you will get some honest opinion as to how we think you should tackle the project. Please read on.. reside in security complexes, security estates or boomed-off areas. Until recently, those residing in 'unprotected' areas focused on their own home's security and little thought was given to the community as a whole. Thankfully, this is changing.

The realisation that criminals cannot be allowed to freely roam the streets looking for targets has resulted in a number of bespoke solutions being implemented across suburbs of Gauteng. There is no doubt that crime has dropped significantly in suburbs where crime prevention and security are taken seriously. The measures taken have been influenced by 4 main factors:

- Support from residents
- Cost and affordability
- Position of the area & size
- Crime in the area


To be successful any community initiative should have 60%+ support. The initiative is likely to fail with any less. Aim for 100% but sadly free-loaders will always exist and will need to be accommodated.


Good security does cost money. Many areas have invested thousands of Rands installing CCTV, fencing, 2-way radio networks and other such measures. However, Cost

Good security does cost money. Many areas have invested thousands of Rands installing CCTV, fencing, 2-way radio networks and other such measures. However, simple measures such as residential street patrols cost nothing and do make a difference. The sustainability of the venture is critical and must also be considered. Arduous demands on a select few will inevitably see interest and support fade after a few months. By employing a security company the work load is shifted from residents to security officers.

What can your area afford? It is quite simple, the more people that participate and pay, the more funds there are available. In some well supported suburbs, individual home owners pay less per month for better security than they did prior to the community's initiative. s, laws and logistics usually prevent such actions, by adopting a number of measures it is possible to cover a wide area at an affordable cost per home.

Consider the following:
- 2-way radio communication across the community. This allows anyone to report any suspicious activity to the entire community within seconds. Many people work from home or are retired and are able to keep an eye on the streets for any unusual activity.
- The residents can carry out area vehicle patrols. Usually done by night, teams of 2 patrol the streets for 2 hours or less. In most cases where support levels are high, this results in residents volunteering no more than once per month.
- Secure hotspots and vulnerable areas. Criminals love the dark and take comfort operating near open areas where they can hide and evade vehicles looking for them. Try and secure these areas with good lighting, fencing or even CCTV. Keep the grass short in open veld areas and if possible, illuminate them.
- Centralise the suburb's security by choosing one provider. This should ensure costs are reduced and will also ensure a far more coordinated security effort between residents and the security company.
- Above all, be realistic. Very often communities are misled into believing one response vehicle patrolling a suburb of 1000 homes will be effective. It will not! Several large suburbs have seen their schemes fail due to the size of the task and the limited resources applied. Rather split the area into manageable segments.

Crime in the Area

Unfortunately, it often takes a serious crime to motivate a community to come together and take steps against crime. Some suburbs are more affected by crime than others, who may feel quite safe. In reality, criminals can strike anywhere at any time. Communities who have not increased security will undoubtedly be targeted by criminals at some point. Rather act now before you are forced into hasty decisions.

Alarm Monitoring and Response

We offer a full alarm monitoring and response service to private homes and businesses. We only offer this service in areas where we are confident a swift response time can be achieved. The current areas of operation include the following suburbs:

Brummeria, Die Wilgers, La Montagne, Lynnwood, Lynnwood Glen, Lynnwood Manor, Lynnwood Ridge, Meyers Park, Val de Grace, Murrayfield, Silverton and Equestria.

Our rates are highly attractive and unlike our competition we do not believe in tying customers down with long term contracts and offer a month to month contract period.

Guarding Services (Manned)

We offer professional 12 or 24-hour guarding services to both residential and commercial customers. All too often unsupported / unsupervised guards are overpowered, intimidated or coerced into committing crime. The support and management of guarding personnel is vital if an effective service is to be achieved. For this reason we are careful to ensure that all sites are within striking distance of the response units and can be visited by the management team on a regular basis. All guards have 2-way radio communication with the control room and response units.

We currently guard a variety of premises including private homes, security complexes, boomed suburbs, shopping centers as well as offices and an Industrial park. We have an excellent track record of crime prevention and arrests, where this has been necessary.

We offer short and longer term contracts and also provide temporary guards during holiday periods. Guards are also provided for special events.

Individual Street Guarding

Experience has shown that a guard positioned in a street where he has a good view of all or most of the homes, is an excellent and simple security measure. The success of this security measure is backed by the fact that our streets guarded in this manner have experienced almost zero crime over the past 4 years. The ideal street is straight and consists of 15 to 30 homes. The guard has to have a good view of the street as, whilst he will patrol, any blind spots will offer criminals a chance to strike. The cost of a guard is too high for most individuals but once the cost is shared amongst the neighbours, it becomes very affordable. We provide a guard hut for the street and if there is no onsite toilet a chemical toilet is also provided. This is to ensure the guard has no need to leave the street for any reason. This service is offered on a 12 or 24 hour basis.

MOST OF OUR GUARD SITES HAVE THE LATEST "GUARD TRACKING" SYSTEM INSTALLED. This system monitors the guards movements real time and provides a full report on each shift via email or sms.


Through partnerships with reputable suppliers, we are able to offer CCTV based solutions for both residential and commercial security. The crime prevention success of monitored CCTV is well known. The technological advancements related to CCTV and increased data transfer rates have ensured that this mode of security is on the increase. CCTV security solutions can now be applied to almost any situation. A major benefit of a CCTV based security solution is that, over the longer term, it is cheaper due to the reduced need for on-site manpower.

Technical Services

We employ specialists to attend to any technical security needs. This includes alarm installations and maintenance, electric fence / gate motor installation, repair and CCTV installations.

Keywords: Cctv, Community Patrols, Crime Prevention, Security Services