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By: Commtest  11-11-2011
Keywords: Vibration Analysis

vbOnline's flexible, modular system provides 24/7 round the clock surveillance of critical assets. vbOnline automatically evaluates machine operating condition.

The vbOnline system allows you to collect data more cost effectively, more timely, and with improved accuracy compared with walk around portable routines. You can safely monitor machines in dangerous and inaccessible environments. With a vbOnline system you can continuously monitor machinery in the most inaccessible environments and remotely monitor the health of your critical assets 24/7, automatically alerting you to potential problems and avoiding costly downtime.

Simplicity is our goal

Each vbOnline device connects directly into the LAN / WAN network within your plant. Single user PC or network capable, our system can be as small as required or is easily expandable. As your surveillance needs increase, simply plug in additional modules.

  • Compact and easy to install
  • Modular design suitable for system expansion
  • 4 to 32 channel options, expandable in the field
  • Powerful Ascent Level 3 vibration analysis software
  • Intelligently designed to accept machine data from common sensor types
  • Automatic detection and reporting of alarms by e-mail or text message
  • AscentViewª web-based machine reporting tool

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Case study, Aquasystems

Underwater challenge by Aquasystems in Halle, Belgium.

Keywords: Vibration Analysis