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By: Comfort Segoe  11-11-2011
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RSA Design NO:

CSSH is a special and unique safety helmet in a sense that you can utilize it without other features, and it also provides facilities where you can fit other features to it to increase its protection and functionality. The extension of the brim at the back of the helmet increases and extend the protection to the neck of the user.

It's also a special and unique helmet face visor because you can attach it to the CSSH and provide more safety and functionality to the user. When attached to CSSH, the whole Face, Head, and Neck of the user will be fully protected. You will be able to wear your medical specs inside CSFV without any problem.

GOOD NEWS, wearing CSFV means it will not be necessary to wear Safety Googols and Dust Mask.

CSM compliments CSSH uniqueness by providing fresh air into the helmet from any air supplier which can be fitted to it. CSM is not permanently welded into the helmet, you can attach it to the helmet if you wish to use it, and then remove it after completing your job.

CSWS is designed to improve the safety of the welder. Attaching the CSWS to CSSH means the protection is extended from the face only, to the head, and neck of the welder. Comfort Segoe Welding Shield is able to flip backwards and be locked on top of the helmet until you release it.

All main features are connected to CSSH by means of two similar sets of locking features manufactured from Galvanised Steel and plastic material. Each set consist of the following parts:

a. Bolts
b. Nut Receptors
c. Washers
d. Turn Knobs

CSNC completely protect the neck of the user, and the protection is extended to the chest and the shoulder. CSNC is attached to the lower back of the safety helmet rim by means of a self-adhesive vulgro tape. The CSNC is resistant to heat, Sun, Dust ,Water, Fire Sparks, and Insects Bites.

CSDF will be attached to CSFV by means of hooks found around the CSFV bracket. The main functions of the Dust Flange is to prevent dust from entering the helmet and keep the fresh air from the CSM inside the helmet.

CSAC keeps the fresh air from CSM inside the helmet. CSAC is sealed inside the helmet brim by means of self-adhesive vulgro tape.

Total weight for all features is less than 900g

Performance Requirements
Comfort Segoe Safety Helmet comply with the requirements and tests specified in the South African National Standard for Industrial Safety Helmets (SANS 1397:2003) and Equipment (including oculars) face and neck protection non-ionizing radiation arising welding and similar operations Welding Helmets, Hand Shields, and Welding Spectacles

  • Shock absorption
  • Resistance to penetration
  • Flame resistance
Comfort Segoe Welding Shield comply with class 2 welding protection according to SANS 1 400.

Keywords: Helmet, Safety Helmet, Welding