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By: Colour4town  11-11-2011
Keywords: Golf Course, Camera, Aerial Photography

Our principal member started flying radio control helicopters in 2007 which resulted in aerial video photography.

Technical proof of concept:

  • During the proof of concept phase we investigated many avenues to ensure flexibility of this video photography platform.
  • We use a Sony HDR-HC9E video camera with a down link for the cameraman to frame and monitor the shots. Recording takes place onboard on a mini dv tape.
  • The camera mount can pan 360 degrees and tilt 80 degrees. The gyro on the camera ensures stability during forward flight or when rotating.

Through radio control aerial video photography we can produce new and innovative aerial clip shots for your production showing empty stadiums or golf course greens which will enhance the anticipation of the upcoming glamorous event.

The helicam is the ideal solution for capturing game in their natural undisturbed habitat.

Aerial video photography is a safety violation in stadiums, sport arenas, outside broadcasts areas packed with spectators.

To date mesmerizing bird's-eye view videos and clips could only be achieved with a full-scale helicopter. In using the helicam we ensure:

  • A cost-efficient way to capture aerial photography and aerial videos.
  • An environmentally friendly carbon footprint
    • We use much less fuel, making our method much cheaper and environmentally friendly.
    • Minimal Noise. Full-scale helicopters produce jarring noises that can be heard for kilometers. These powerful noises both creates a disturbance on location and it is virtually impossible to obtain permission to film in residential areas.
    • My helicams are 26 CC petrol driven engines. We also use completely silent battery powered brushless motors. This ensures that it becomes nearly impossible to pick up the helicam noise from 50 feet away, leaving the heli-cam ideal for filming in residential areas and cities. (See note on Exclusions)
  • Reduced production costs. A full-scale helicopter photography unit results in exorbitant rental and production costs. Our system only requires a pilot and a camera operator.
  • Flexibility. We can fly almost anywhere where as full-scale helicopters are mostly not permitted to fly below 1000ft in residential areas. It is not safe and usually not permitted to fly in "tight" areas. Special permission is always required which results in a further cost escalation. In contrast, our helicam can easily manoeuvre through "tight" areas.
  • Quick setup time. Full-scale helicopters require a great deal of setup time. Our Helicams requires only 30 minutes preparation for fuelling and ensuring mechanics are fully functional. With a quicker setup, you'll be ready to film your envisioned aerial photography faster resulting in less costs.

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