The CodeBook Product

By: Codebook International  11-11-2011
Keywords: Complex Buildings

Photo courtesy of Conrad Gargett Lyons

CodeBook is an application and database that allows all those involved in brief preparation, design, construction, fitting-out and operation of complex buildings to work with co-ordinated graphical and textual information, producing schedules, themed graphical views and room data sheets.

As an information repository and gateway, CodeBook can be used simultaneously with all or any of the leading architectural and engineering software applications. A change in one system is then reflected across all systems relevant to a project, with information fully related, analyzed for consistency, and synchronized. This 'single version of the truth' – the most up-to-date version of the emerging design – is then immediately available to all.

The information stored in the database becomes invaluable to building owners for strategic reviews of building use covering maintenance, renovation, refurbishment and eventual demolition. The lessons from one project can then be carried forward to subsequent projects, delivering cost savings and productivity enhancements through continuous performance improvement.


  • enables sophisticated content coordination and room data management
  • provides tools for creating and editing a project brief / programme using a library of room types and equipment and Excel imports
  • uploads brief and room data to BIM and CAD models
  • produces room data sheets and many other reports
  • produces room layouts and automatically produces room elevations
  • automatically checks CAD drawings of room layouts against the room data sheets and identifies differences
  • tracks reasons for changes in the room data sheets (e.g. client changes to the original project brief/programme)
  • is able to produce a list and specify the geographical locations of equipment requiring a particular service (e.g. compressed air, oxygen)
  • allows building owners and facility managers to import/export data for integration with facility management (CAFM) applications such as IBM Maximo Asset Management, and ESRI GIS

Keywords: Complex Buildings