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By: Cma  11-11-2011
Keywords: Disaster Recovery, Technology Consulting

Cloud Computing Services & Technology

Cloud computing has become an innovative technology for government and the private sector. CMA Consulting Services, a leading technology consulting firm, recognizes the significant impact that cloud computing can have on how business and government procures, implements, and manages its IT investments.

CMA offers services ranging from specific IT planning, development, and implementation capabilities to assist in organizational migration support. In addition to evaluating traditional services to make them “cloud ready,” we are already helping clients conduct readiness assessments and operational evaluations.

CMA’s research and development team initiated internal (private) technology systems and pilot implementation studies, and prototype projects to further investigate cloud computing implications and determine the best paths to success for its customers. As a result of these early investigative and research efforts CMA has engaged partners like Computer Associates and Microsoft to implement both cloud environments and “cloud ready” applications.


CMA has advocated cloud computing as a viable option to meet a variety of mission challenges, from the reduction of IT expenditures to developing new collaboration and data sharing initiatives that are critical for supporting government programs and initiatives . We offer our government clients the following services in the following areas:

• Strategy and Planning - serve as advisors in areas such as transition planning, return on investment (ROI) and risk management assessment and security analysis, cloud governance policies, and cloud based data strategies.


• Application Development - supporting the development, deployment, and management of applications in the cloud as well as the reengineering of legacy systems, data management, and application and service integration.


• Cloud Infrastructure Services. We provide infrastructure assessment and analysis, design consultation, and private cloud implementations.


•Cloud Security Services. CMA provides a full range of security solutions for the analysis of cloud solutions, identity management and authentication, and security integration.

Getting Started

Interested in exploring the value of cloud computing? There are several entry points that are least disruptive to your organization and that provide cost effective solutions and a migration path to cloud based computing. Some of the areas that we have found to be a “jumping in” point are:

• Test and Development environments: Some government initiatives and programs cannot afford to procure infrastructure for test and development environments that are needed, and in some cases required for regulatory compliance, to maintain stability in production application testing and deployment. Cloud Computing technology may provide a low cost solution, faster setup times without the burden on IT departments, and the flexibility of resource allocations for test and development environments.

• Disaster Recovery infrastructure: Disaster recovery is a cost burden on most government and private industries. In many cases duplicating a production environment in the event of a disaster is simply too costly and in many cases the risk of not having a DR site is acceptable when weighing it against the cost. Since most DR environments are rarely utilized, a “standby” disaster recovery infrastructure can be implemented at minimal cost. The implementation of Disaster Recovery (DR) environments on a Cloud Computing platform may provide tremendous cost savings because there is little-to-no cost for unused resources.

• Content Delivery: Cloud Computing platforms often provide enhancement of, or integration with, content delivery systems. This allows for more cost-efficiency and performance in the delivery of content such as media files, software, and other data sets and offer scalability to meet peak load periods.

Contact CMA for more information and for an initial evaluation and get started with cloud based computing today.

Keywords: Disaster Recovery, Technology Consulting

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