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By: Clifton Electronics  11-11-2011

:: universal Remote mounted, Hoses included.
:: FAA PMA approved.
:: Specify 28 Vdc or 14 Vdc.


  • Universal Remote Mounting or Direct Mounting for Easy Installation.
  • Power Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Delivers 26.6 CFM of Force Air Cooling to Avionic Equipments.
  • Meets and exceed all Avionics Manufacturer's Specification for Forced Air Cooling Requirements


  • Flexible Air Hoses; connector Kit
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It provides accurate bearing-to-station in the 200 kHz to 1799 kHz frequency range, complete with ADF, ANT and BFO tuning modes, plus audio output for station identification and monitoring AM broadcasts. The KR 87's advanced "coherent detection" design rejects unwanted frequency noise and achieves much greater range while remaining less susceptible to engine noise.


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Communication capability controlled in such a small footprint. The left half has all of the audio panel controls for radio. VHF communication radio fully integrated with the audio. The PAR100EX system combines an audio control panel. Selection, intercom and music volume, intercom mode.