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By: Clifton Electronics  11-11-2011
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For over a quarter century, PS Engineering, Inc.® has

been known as a premier innovator of intercommunications

for crew and passengers. Now, the company has

added a new dimension to their communications vision, a

VHF communication radio fully integrated with the audio

control panel.

The PAR100EX system combines an audio control panel,

4-place stereo IntelliVox® intercom with Bluetooth®, and

a remote mounted, 760-channel VHF aviation communications

transceiver. Never before has there been so much

communication capability controlled in such a small footprint.

This system saves cockpit space, weight, and money

over the stand-alone independent systems while providi

ng the most sought after functionality.

The PAR100EX’s low price makes it attractive for the Experimental

and Light Sport aviation market (the unit will

be FCC approved but not hold FAA Approval for airplanes

certified under standard airworthiness), and the elimina tion

of one panel mounted radio saves panel space.

Seamless integration between the audio panel and the

radio was the primary goal for the best user experience

possible, with minimal panel space.

The right half of the PAR100EX is dedicated to the communication

radio, with an easy to read LCD display that

shows the frequencies, which are controlled through a

concentric knob. This radio has active and standby fre quencies,

and a standby frequency monitor mode.

The left half has all of the audio panel controls for radio

selection, intercom and music volume, intercom mode,

and PS Engineering’s multiple music mute mode control.

The functions of the PAR100EX are electrically independent,

including the power supply, so even in fail safe on the

audio panel, the VHF radio can still be used.

The PAR100EX can be configured as stand alone, as

COM 1, or as COM 2. This provides flexibility to allow the

aircraft owner to decide if a second radio will be used and

i n what position.

An integrated Bluetooth®

system allows the

PAR100EX to interface with

cellular telephones, giving

the aircraft occupants ready

access to their telephones. In

addition, the Bluetooth® will

stream music from compatible

devices like iPads, and

smart phones.

Keywords: Audio Panel

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