Click to Call | pc to phone call

By: Click To Call  11-11-2011


Up to 4 different numbers can be specified. All this within 20 seconds!

You can engage the prospect before they even leave your website.

You can have different numbers specified for office hours and after hours.

  • 20-second call setup time if the “office” number is answered immediately;
  • Voice calls are set up in South Africa for South African subscribers. (Other VoIP (“Voice over IP”) service providers route via Europe or the USA). This causes better call quality.
  • Different company telephone numbers (landline, cell phones or VoIP phones) can be specified for Workdays, Saturdays and Sundays;
  • Up to four time-of-day categories can be specified to ring specific company telephone numbers at different times of the day (this ensures that no lead is lost, no matter what time of day);
  • A calling list of up to four numbers can be specified for each category above. This is necessary for when a number is busy, unavailable or ringing longer than a specified time;
  • If none of the listed numbers are available, a voice recording will be played back to the visitor;
  • E-mails are generated to a specified company E-mail address with each call generated from the web site. If the call was successful, it will provide the info, and if not, the reason for the failure;
  • Calls are billed to the web site owner using true per-second billing;
  • A billing record is E-mailed to the website owner monthly;