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By: Clarke Colours  11-11-2011
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Flower Dyes

The dyes are specifically formulated for dyeing fresh and, particularly, dried flowers and foliage. The dyes are easily used for a variety of other applications such as coral, wood, wicker work etc. And produce clean, clear and attractive finishes.

Dyes are available in both single and double strengths. The results obtained will depend on the dilution of the dye, the water quality and the nature of the material dyed. Hot solutions of dye may in certain instances, improve the colour, and for specific species of flowers and grasses reduce the quantity of dye and the drying time required.

Individual preferences require a measure of experimentation. Different colours may be mixed in order to produce unique shades.

Flower Colour Sprays

Brilliant and pastel colours to brighten and beautify floral arrangements. May be used on fresh and dried flowers, polystyrene, etc. The flowers sprays are exceptionally quick drying and produce a most attractive finish on virtually all surfaces. They are particularly recommended for use on polystyrene. Spray from a distance of at least 35cm moving the can gently to and fro. If necessary build up successive coats of paint. After use invert the can and spray for a few seconds to clear the valve and nozzle. This prevents blockages and ensures trouble free repeat usage.


Both cleans and produces a high, dust-free gloss on hard leaved plants e.g. Rubber plants, anthiriums, philodendrums, delicious monsters etc. Also has protective functions against certain common insect pests. Packed as an aerosol to ensure ease of application.


Has the identical attributes as Leafgloss but is a cream presentation and is applied by hand.


A clear spray for delaying the opening of blossoms. Can also be used as a fixative for decorations.


A floral adhesive to keep pinholders, floral foams etc. firmly in place. Adheres to any dry surface and remains fast even if wetted. Keep in a cool place and warm slightly in very cold weather for ease of application.

Christmas Snow

A bright white gentle snow spray for all year round decorating.


Natural pure glycerine is available for the drying of flowers and foliage.

Keywords: Dyes, Flower Dyes, Flowers,