Clarendon House - Pietermaritzburg Frail Care Assisted Luxury Living

By: Clarendon  11-11-2011

Clarendon House aims to run as a facility where old people will be encouraged to live their lives to the full in a facility that promotes the positive aspects of old age as well as dealing in a compassionate and caring way with the negative debilitating nature many old people have to endure.

The staff at Clarendon House will encourage residents and their families to become part of a Clarendon House 'family' by getting to know the staff, participating in the development of a care plan for their loved ones and helping with special activities.Full board fees will vary depending on the levels of care. Clarendon House will offer the following advantages: Superior and up-market finishes in the communal area and bed-sitter units.Meals suitable for special requirements such as certain medical conditions, diabetics, and vegetarians.Recreational and reading facilities such as, television, computer work station, newspapers and books.Special care by staff that values a people centred approach.Full Board including meals, teas, cleaning services, laundry and security.Regular organized activities and outingsEnjoyable activities (indoors and outdoors), places for relaxation