Community Libraries

By: City  11-11-2011

​Our focus is on the provision of information, supporting education, the development and maintenance of a reading culture, and the presentation and facilitation of various developmental outreach programmes.

We also focus on managing and developing our electronic information network, the provision of professional and specialised support services, the development, maintenance and management of our facilities and the equal distribution of facilities, services and programmes throughout Tshwane.

Finally we focus on the establishment of a unified policy for Library and Information Services (LIS) and the establishment of consultative structure with stakeholders e.g. Government and communities.

Our Services
  • General information;
  • Assistance with school projects;
  • Reference facilities;
  • Study facilities;
  • Community information;
  • A wide variety of books (including fiction, non-fiction, books for newly literate readers, large-print books, and books in foreign and indigenous languages);
  • CD’s, CD-ROMS and videos;
  • Magazines and newspapers;
  • Internet and PC use;
  • A photocopying service;
  • Story hours and holiday programmes; and
  • Item reservation and inter-library loans.

Some of our libraries also offer:

  • Skills development programmes;
  • Youth development programmes;
  • Literacy classes and ABET;
  • Technikon SA material;
  • Fax and transparency services;
  • Tape aids for the visually impaired;
  • Educational toys;
  • Engraving;
  • Certification of documents;
  • Activity rooms, auditoriums and seminar rooms for hire;
  • After-hours renewal service;
  • Art gallery;
  • SA statutes in electronic format (Jutastat);
  • Info packages;
  • Tshwane Info collection;
  • Cutting collection; and
  • Laminating.

Other products and services from City


Nature Conservation

To conserve and utilise Tshwane`s nature areas, and to promote and maintain outdoor leisure facilities, such as resorts and swimming pools, in a way that it will benefit residents and visitors to the City.. Note that the By-law pertaining to Public Amenities states that all dogs should be kept on a leash in public areas. However, if the tariffs displayed on the web page differ from those at venue gates, the gate tariffs apply.



The original name was in commemoration of Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster, who was closely associated with South Africa. Springbok Park envelopes 30 621 m², and a popular restaurant is situated on its north-eastern corner. This park is a national monument and contains indigenous plants. It is very popular for wedding photos. It became Springbok Park in the 1960s.