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By: Cirebelle  11-11-2011
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CIREBELLE Innovative Beauty Wax Solutions develop, produce & supply wax based cosmetic raw materials. Our beauty wax products are suitable for use in a variety of personal care products, including lipsticks, lip balms, creams, lotions, body butters, etc.

1. Manufacturing Process

CIREBELLE waxes are uniquely derived from natural sources by means of the Fischer-Tropsch process.  Natural gas and air is converted to carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas.  The waxes are produced by way of catalytic reaction of the hydrogen and carbon monoxide at elevated temperature and pressure. Multiple processes such as distillation, purification and modification render these waxes of exceptional purity.  Continuous and thorough quality control is maintained throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistent, high quality waxes for the cosmetics and toiletries market.

2. Chemical & Physical Properties

CIREBELLE waxes are long-chain, unbranched hydrocarbons with the following chemical structure: CH3-(CH2)n-CH3.  The molecular weights of the individual waxes range from 300 to 1000 Daltons.  The melting point increases with increasing molecular weight and cover the range from 40 ºC to 100ºC.   The waxes are pure white and not translucent, having a fine crystalline structure.  The inert nature of Fischer-Tropsch waxes ensures the absence of side reactions with other ingredients. 
Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, the purity of CIREBELLE waxes is high and they are free from sulphur and aromatic compounds.  A further result of this is that the waxes are classified as non-irritant and practically odourless.
The high melting point and hardness of certain CIREBELLE waxes impart an increase in the melting point and hardness of wax and oil blends such as sticks.

3. Product Range

CIREBELLE 109L is a high melting wax (90ºC) specifically tailored to comply with the Colipa recommendations for lip products. This tasteless and odourless wax provides hardness and strength to stick formulations without imparting a waxy feel or taste on application.CIREBELLE 108 is another high melting wax (80ºC) offering exceptional benefits to skin- and lip-care products.  In stick formulations, it replaces waxes like Carnauba and Candelilla, imparting temperature stability, strength and hardness. Its film forming property makes it an ideal ingredient for creams and lotions rendering a non waxy, velvety feel. CIREBELLE 108 is also used- with great success in w/o emulsions, e.g. body butters.CIREBELLE 303 is a highly economical wax used in a variety of applications ranging from skin- and lip-care (lip balms) to hair-care (hair relaxers).  In o/w emulsions it is used effectively to improve the gloss and whiteness of the emulsion, in addition to providing an elegant skin feel.CIREBELLE 305 was specifically developed as an ingredient for hair relaxers where it has been found to have excellent performance and assists in ease of manufacture (no homogenisation is required).  This wax is also an ideal emollient for skin- and body-care.  In sun-care it imparts water resistance.CIREBELLE 505 possesses a very low melting point - just above body temperature.  In creams and lotions it offers a unique skin feel, excellent spreading, and good film forming properties.CIREBELLE waxes can be easily emulsified and form excellent cosmetic creams and lotions with relatively low percentages of emulsifiers.

4. Application Matrix

CIREBELLE 109L 91 - 96 ●●●
CIREBELLE 108 79 – 84 ●●● ●●
 CIREBELLE 303 61 – 67 ●●● ●● ●●
CIREBELLE 305 55 – 62 ●●● ●● ●●
CIREBELLE 505 38 - 42 ●●● ●● ●●●

5. Anti-Ageing Properties

Three waxes, selected to cover the spread of our range of waxes, were evaluated against an industry standard in a scientific study.  In each case, 5% of Fischer Tropsch wax replaced the same weight of caprylic triglyceride (CTG) in a moisturising cream containing 10% CTG, i.e. the control had 10% CTG, whereas the test samples contained 5% each of wax and CTG.  After 28 days of twice a day application to the inner sides of the forearms of volunteers, the following average improvements were measured as compared to untreated skin and the control respectively:

MEASUREMENT %improvement (untreated skin) %improvement (control)
Skin firmness (elasticity) 22 14
Skin smoothness (roughness reduction) 30 9
Skin hydration 26 14

Skin firmness, skin smoothness and skin hydration were measured by means of Cutometer, Phase-shifting Rapid In vivo Measurement of the Skin (PRIMOS) and Corneometer respectively.

6. Safety & Toxicity

A summary of safety and toxicity test results follows here.  More detail of the actual test can be obtained upon request.

Human Repeat Insult Patch Test
CIREBELLE 505 Hypo allergenic (100%) and Non-irritant (100%)
CIREBELLE 305 Hypo allergenic (100%) and Non-irritant (100%)
CIREBELLE 109L Hypo allergenic (100%) and Non-irritant (100%)
In Vito evaluation of Acute Ocular Tolerance
CIREBELLE 505 Not cytotoxic / non-irritant to cells of the reconstituted cornea
CIREBELLE 305 Not cytotoxic / non-irritant to cells of the reconstituted cornea
CIREBELLE 109L Not cytotoxic / non-irritant to cells of the reconstituted cornea
Skin Patch test
CIREBELLE 303 Non-irritant
CIREBELLE 108 Non-irritant
Moisturising cream containing 15% CIREBELLE 303 (Non-irritant)

Waxes identical in composition to these Fischer-Tropsch waxes have been tested for mutagenicity (Ames Salmonella / Microsome Plate test) and were found to be non mutagenic

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Sasol's small business incubator, ChemCity, has notched up another success with the sale, for an undisclosed amount, of cosmetic wax bead manufacturer Cirebelle to a broad-based black economic empowerment consortium. With 26% of the shareholding being reserved for union beneficiaries and a BEE shareholding of at least 52%, the company will also achieve broad-based empowerment status.