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By: Cibecs  11-11-2011
Keywords: Corporate Governance, Data Backup, Microsoft Outlook

Cibecs makes laptop & desktop data backup simple with automated & centrally managed endpoint data backups that guarantee your business data is protected.

Cibecs is a built from the ground up data backup solution for enterprise endpoint devices with features that ensure scalability, simplicity and set the benchmark in enterprise endpoint data protection.

Simplified user laptop & desktop data backup & recovery

Cibecs puts the administrator in control of all user laptop and desktop backups, alleviating management risk and liability by allowing governance over all business critical data.


  • Automated backups of all business critical data on user computers.
  • Fast, efficient backups through patch backup technology and NTFS change journal support
  • Dynamic throttling ensures minimal impact on the user during backups
  • 448bit Blowfish encryption protects confidential user data from unauthorized access
  • Fast, wizard-driven restores
  • Backup open files through integration with Microsoft VSS.
  • Optimized for the backup of Microsoft Outlook
  • File versioning allows previous versions of files to be restored.


  • Business data is protected and archived automatically without user involvement or interruption.
  • Simple and fast deployment and control through an intuitive interface saves time.
  • Easier corporate governance & risk management compliance with reliable desktop and laptop data protection.
  • Reduced resource and time wastage, no breaks in user productivity.

Centrally Managed

Cibecs is a centrally managed data backup and recovery solution that puts the organization in control of business data


  • Centrally managed backup policies allowing full control over backup selection, quotas, schedule options and settings.
  • Lock-down of all settings restricts users from changing policy.
  • Support for automated agent deployment through 3rd party deployment products
  • Active Directory Integration simplifies group and user management and agent deployment.


  • Backup policies are centrally enforced, removing the threat of user data loss
  • Time and resources are saved
  • The data backup & recovery process is simplified

Technical & Business Reporting

Cibecs offer intuitive reporting that makes monitoring business data simple.


  • Dashboard reporting provides a simplified view on the organization’s data protection status.
  • The Cibecs Data Protection Rating metric significantly simplifies reporting across thousands of users.
  • Consolidated reporting from a single console across multiple backup servers.


  • Automated data protection reporting
  • Ensure corporate governance compliance

Reduce Bandwidth and Storage requirements

Cibecs greatly reduces overheads and optimizes storage infrastructure by minimizing storage requirements, allowing for controlled backups and reducing bandwidth needs. Cibecs can reduce daily backed up data size by up to 99%


  • Centrally managed backup policies allowing full control over backup selection, quotas, schedule options and settings.
  • Compression & Patch Backup technology reduces daily backups by up to 99%
  • Bandwidth throttling ensuring minimal impact on networks
  • Include business critical data while excluding personal data through advanced data selection options.


  • Management has greater control over operational costs
  • Overheads are significantly reduced and can be managed more effectively
  • Cost effective solution for protecting mobile workforce
  • Centralize remote office backups.

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Cibecs addresses the need for a reliable endpoint data protection solution and ensures that your business data can be quickly and easily restored. Wizard-driven data recovery and easy restore features such as Restore Search ensure quick OS upgrades and simplified hardware refreshes. Cibecs is the simplest way to backup & recover business data on all user laptops & desktops.


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An assessment of your current endpoint data loss risk, the implications and recommendations for an improved Data Protection Rating. The application will use the data collected from the audit of your environment to create a tangible data risk assessment report. Download the Cibecs Data Risk Assessment tool for an audit of the data on endpoint devices in your organization.


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Cibecs ensures that you automatically backup corporate pst files and your enterprise can backup psts while open- alleviating management risk and ensuring corporate governance compliance. Open File support through integration with Microsoft VSS allows PST files to be backed up while Microsoft Outlook is open. Can be stored in non-standard locations on computers making them typically difficult to locate and include for backup.