By: Cherryolive  11-11-2011
Keywords: Data Management, Business Optimization



CherryOlive provides a wide-array of services within the technology space - we have categorized them into our core services that can provide you a better overview of what we can offer you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any related service that we can assemble for you, or, refer you to our business-network who will be ready and able to attend to your needs.

Core Services

Joint Research Ventures

Seamless integration within your technology department to assist in technology roadmap health-checks,planning and execution strategies

Case analysis and modelling

Establishing best-practice for business analysis, requirements development and architectural scoping of solutions

Business optimization and gearing

Analyze and propose a business model that can be optimized using technology advances that integrates cost-effectively and arm personnel with the skills and support services to stay ahead of the competition

Focussed Co-consulting

Application performance management, requirements discovery, architecture development - we can co-consult with your staffto provide expert guidance aligned with your business objectives

Business life-cycle management

By applying the right technology at the right time, your business will receive leverage for growth ahead of the competition

Future-proofing business models

Looking into the technology crystal ball and removing the marketing fuzz - we provide you sustainable technology models

Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Master Data Management

Creating business insight by capatilizing and optimizing your existing data assets for advanced decision support

Keywords: Business Optimization, Data Management