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By: Chasesoftware  11-11-2011

Chase Insight, our plug-in business intelligence system for advertising agencies.

The Business Intelligence system is both highly affordable and able to provide critical insight into vital agency metrics such as:

  • accuracy of timesheets
  • client profitability (including both external and internal cost)
  • forecasted income vs. actual income
  • client retainer fee profitability
  • performance to budget
  • analysis by division / business unit
  • job management by exception
  • automation of management and client reports
  • Find problems quickly using 'Management by Exception' techniques
    • Sift through key agency data such as Billings, Costs, Time and Profit using simple charts and dashboards
    • Locate problems quickly by using conditional formatting and visual indicators in the tables and graphs
    • Drill down to the nub of the problem using analysis by Client, Product, Job, Business Division or Employee
  • Ensure your Chase Timesheets are accurate and up to date
    • Chase Insight provides an extremely effective solution to recording time accurately.
    • Staff are monitored with scorecards reflecting performance to targets, accuracy of timesheets and portion of billable hours recovered from Client billings and retainers. Effortless timesheet management is accomplished by enabling one or more 'Time Sheet Administrators' within the system.
  • Check your Net Profitability by taking stock of internal cost recorded on Chase Timesheets
    • Use Business Intelligence to gain insight into true client profitability that combines billing, external costs and internal costs such as timesheet data into a single dashboard.
    • Save time collaborating and sharing client profitability intelligence by using the built-in collaboration tools and dashboard assignment features.
  • Reconcile Client Retainer Fees to Agency Resource Costs
    • Load Resource Plans for Client Retainers and monitor actual time/cost against the Plan.
    • Produce Retainer Reports for Clients and Shareholders automatically.
  • Produce monthly or annual Management Reports automatically with Chase insight.

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Chase Software - Advertising Management System | Products

The Chase module gives to the full array of tools for traffic, production, finance and management - typically used by management, traffic and production. Chase Lite gives access to clients, jobs, selected reports, document, time and tasks - typically used by client service departments. Advertising Management System: Chase Version 6 is a web-based application, that gives cross platform access to all agency staff.


Chase Software - Advertising Management System | Production

Advertising Management System: Let's face it; managing an advertising agency in today's environment is not for the faint hearted. There is an ever-increasing demand for quick turn-around times, sharp costing and high quality product and service. Chase Software is currently used in more than 200 agencies in South Africa, Maputo, London and Brisbane. There is a highly committed development program in place that realizes regular product upgrades.