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By: Charter Committee  11-11-2011

Is unethical behavior undermining you and your business?

If not, you are either very lucky or very blind.

Few of us have not been at the receipt end of deceit or unethical behavior; conflicts with a colleague or partner which bring productivity to a halt; a personal situation which threatens the security of one’s career. The need to foster ethics is very real—especially when it comes to business.

Ethics however is meaningless without tools and techniques which actually lead to a happier, productive and honest workplace, and way of life. So what tools does one have to help others and oneself make the right decisions. How does one resolve a conflict equitably. And how does one restore the friendship a partnership was built upon?

Resorting to a legal system is unpredictable. It’s overcrowded, highly expensive and there’s no guarantee of justice. Add to this the fact that usually, it’s the "petty" situations, the lack of productivity, the lies, shoddy service, recriminations—it’s these which most plague the workplace and business relations. It’s these "petty matters" which wreak so much havoc, but would you bring these to court?

Charter members of WISE, trained in the application of unique and effective technology of ethics, offer a road out—exact tools and techniques which help create for you, your colleagues and employees a more ethical, happier and productive working life. Which of these services would best assist you?