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By: Certpoint Systems  11-11-2011
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About the Content Solutions Group (CSG)

CERTPOINT's Content Solutions Group (CSG) provides clients with comprehensive e-Learning course and content consulting, design, and development services. We leverage CSG's creative instructional design talents and structured development processes to optimize our clients resources to focus on delivering cost-effective and innovative e-Learning. With proven expertise in applying research-founded principles of design to clients, we help you understand the possibilities e-Learning has for achieving the business and organizational objectives in your organization.

Let CSG make e-Learning a critical component of development in your organization!

Course Design and Development

CSG provides 3 distinct tiers of course and content design and development services that are tailored to your business needs. We will help you select the appropriate tier of development based on the resources you have access to within your organization and the objectives you are trying to achieve.

Tier 1: Low-level Interactive Design and Development

Tier 1 services require that the client provide the majority of pre-existing content and media, and some of the course structure. CERTPOINT will develop the course and provide further assistance for the structure of the course. CSG can support your efforts by designing and developing individual learning objects that can dramatically improve your course.

Tier 2: Mid-Level Interactive Design and Development

Tier 2 services require that the client provide some pre-existing course content, some media, and some course structure. CERTPOINT will then design and develop a course based on what the client has provided, adding a significant amount of creativity and instructional design expertise to produce an innovative and interactive course. Tier 2 is appropriate for clients who have a lot of pre-existing content and a vision for a course but need CERTPOINT's expertise to materialize that vision. Tier 2 may also include low level analyses of the clients' learning objectives and some formalized end-user testing.

Tier 3: High-Level Interactive Design and Development

Tier 3 represents CSG's most engaged, intensive, and innovative design and development projects. CERTPOINT engages in complete analysis, design, development, and end-user testing activities, including evaluation and assessment services. Tier 3 courses are CSG's flagship product and service offerings that represent the most creative and complex projects we can create for clients. Tier 3 courses can provide dramatic capabilities for you to achieve a wide-range of business and organizational objectives.

E-Learning Analysis and Consulting

CSG will engage with your organization in an analysis of your existing - or non-existing - e-Learning environment to help you build the vision for using e-Learning content in your organization. Our activities include:

  • Gaining an understanding of the business goals and priorities that can be achieved through e-Learning course and content development.
  • Meeting with key organizational stakeholders to identify domains that have opportunities for e-Learning.
  • Examining and reviewing your existing course offerings, learning content and how well they are serving your objectives.
  • Determining opportunities for improvement and upgrades to existing courses and content.

We produce reports of our analyses and recommendations for action that clients can use within their organizations to move their e-Learning initiatives forward.

Evaluation and Effectiveness Assessment

CSG also provides evaluation and assessment services to determine if your organization's courses are achieving your original business objectives. By utilizing CSG and CERTPOINT research and analytical resources, CSG evaluation services are geared towards helping you assess the effectiveness of your e-Learning initiatives and projects. These assessment activities include:

  • Establishing e-Learning course, curriculum, and program evaluation plans.
  • Providing you with the opportunity to benchmark learning outcomes and effectiveness of eLearning courses.
  • Analyzing the outcome of your e-Learning courses, curricula, and programs.
  • Identifying additional domains for using eLearning to improve your business and achieve additional objectives.

We produce evaluation plans and frameworks, implementation plans, recommendation reports, and analytical reports for your reference.

The CSG Advantage

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by leveraging our creative, instructional design and analytical expertise to create advanced, innovative learning solutions that meet your objectives. Our expertise is matched by a refined development processes that ensure our designs meet your objectives and our talents are effectively harnessed.

Keywords: e-learning

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