Cerebrate Software - Services

By: Cerebrate  11-11-2011

Cerebrate provides consulting and development services in the CRM field, particularly with customers engaged in the construction industry. Customers using WebleadsCRM are able to take advantage of the flexibility that Cerebrate built into the system to allow it to be tailored to specific customer's needs.

The consulting services that we provide with each implementation of WebleadsCRM are focussed on customization, training requirements and developing a plan to achieve the objectives the customer has for the system. Implementation of CRM systems have notoriously been problematic and through both specific system features and our consultation services we focus on ensuring that WebleadsCRM delivers value for our customers.

In recognition of the fact that implementation of a CRM system can be a longer term process requiring careful process and change management, Cerebrate offers support contracts to WebleadsCRM customers. This provides for a level of ongoing consultative support as well as any customization requirements identified over time.

Cerebrate’s development team is also able to assist our clients with integration of WebleadsCRM into other systems and new software projects. In addition to full CRM solutions, we have experience in the development of call centre, loyalty and e-commerce systems.  Our technical area of expertise lies in the production of web based systems that have a rich user interface normally only associated with desktop applications.