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By: Ceragon  11-11-2011

Ceragon's professional services provide complete solutions for the design and implementation of telecommunication networks, as well as the expansion or integration of existing ones. Ceragon offers full turnkey solutions, as well as consulting/supervision services.

Network Design

Ceragon offers complete SDH, ATM and IP network design services. Working closely with customers to fully understand their demands and existing infrastructure, the company submits a detailed design for the complete network, which covers architecture, specifications, performance requirements, products used, protection, and management. All designs are cost effective, take into account future expansions, and are based on suitable/compatible products and solutions. In addition, the company offers network design consulting services and design verification.

Radio Planning

Ceragon offers complete radio planning for the microwave network and guarantees network performance that meets customer requirements. Our radio planning covers frequency and antenna selection, location and transmission parameters, diversity requirements, and availability calculations. To ensure that no signals interfere with the planned link, Ceragon provides customers with on-site frequency surveys, which detail all link specifications and results. Radio planning consulting services and design verification are also available.

Site Survey

A major part of radio planning, site surveys verify the suitability of proposed installation sites. Ceragon’s experienced engineers conduct surveys using the most advanced tools available. These surveys yield detailed reports that include site specifications, recommendations, and requirements for site preparation.

Site surveys cover:

  • Exact site location verification
  • Line-of-sight verification
  • Optimal locations for sites
  • Locations for indoor and outdoor units, including antennas
  • Propagation and possible interference conditions
  • Power supply source
  • Cable layout
  • Site access
  • Site-specific installation requirements

Network Implementation

Network implementation covers all execution stages, beginning with a plan, based on network design and customer requirements, and spanning all aspects of the implementation process. Ceragon oversees network implementation for customer-managed deployment projects.

Project Management

Ceragon manages projects of any scale. Our project managers oversee network implementation according to the project plan and milestone schedule. These managers act as single points of contact throughout all steps of project implementation. Depending on the project’s scale – and in every turnkey endeavor – dedicated local project managers are involved from beginning to end.

NMS Implementation

Ceragon offers network management system design and implementation services, aimed at integrating the company’s advanced NMS capabilities with customer networks. NMS will be designed and implemented in accordance with customer requirements and management concepts.

NMS implementation consists of:

  • IP address assignment for all network elements
  • Connection verification between network elements and NMS
  • Setup and configuration of NMS stations (servers and clients)
  • Installation and integration of Ceragon Networks’ management solutions
  • Training

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Technical Support - Ceragon

Understanding network availability requirements, Ceragon provides immediate, around-the-clock support through its 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year Emergency Support Center. For those issues that cannot be resolved remotely, on-site support, provided by certified and experienced technical support specialists, is available. Most service requests to the Help Desk or Emergency Support Center are solved by remote assistance.


Training Services - Ceragon

The company covers all aspects of product installation and maintenance in our in depth training programs and technical information updates. Ceragon’s training programs enhance customer knowledge of company products through theoretical sessions and hands-on practice. Ceragon is committed to providing customers and partners with knowhow regarding its products, technologies and solutions.


Products Overview - Ceragon

The FibeAirand Evolution product families provide cutting-edge solutions for wireless backhaul transport featuring high-capacity Carrier Ethernet, TDM and Multi-Service systems together with state of the art Radio Frequency units and a comprehensive management suite.