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By: Centron  11-11-2011
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Centron is the Sensible Choice for Preventative Maintenance,
Fuel savings & Precaution against Diesel Fuel Related Problems

Diesel Fuel can be a company's largest expense and is becoming even more costly with the quality of diesel fuel steadily declining. The decline in fuel quality has been occurring for the past 20 years however has recently accelerated due to:
  • Rougher grades of fuel oil are being extracted
  • Producers are taking shortcuts with refining
  • The best crude is being used for petrololine, jet fuel, & other chemical products
  • The removal of sulfur (ULSD) has resulted in reduced fuel economy and increased system wear
The end result of lower quality diesel fuel is poor combustion efficiency, hard starting, detonation wear, poor lubricity causing excessive wear on vital engine parts. Also, bacterial growth, fuel contamination, gelling, filters plugging, lost fuel economy & higher exhaust emissions. The end result is diminished performance & higher maintenance costs. Repair statistics show that 90% of diesel engine problems stem from contaminated or poor quality fuel. With the potential of eliminating 9 out of 10 failures diesel users are turning to "PROVEN" fuel additives for enhanced performance and precaution against diesel fuel related problems.Centron Diesel Fuel Enhancer is a Patented Fuel Treatment that provides a "Comprehensive Solution" to problems associated with Diesel Fuel. Centron's all-inclusive benefit package is unmatched in the marketplace in four key areas that are critical to Superior Performing, Problem Free Diesel Fuel. Of further benefit the Proven Fuel & maintenance Cost Savings that Centron produces pays for the cost of Centron 3 to 7 times over.
The unsurpassed benefits of Centron include:

1. Preventive Maintenance/Protection against Fuel Related Problems
  • Provides Top Oil lubricity which protects engine parts from accelerated wear
  • Powerful detergent cleans fuel, fuel injectors, pump & bulk/onboard tanks
  • Reduces carbon buildup & EGR soot loading
  • Stabilizer reduces contamination, improves oxidation and thermal stability
  • Contains emulsifiers that separate & help remove moisture from fuel
  • Prevents corrosion protecting fuel tanks, fuel lines and engine components
  • Algaecide maintaines fuel integrity, prevents fuel contamination
  • Cold flow improver reduces the risk of icing, filter plugging and gelling
2. Increased Power & Performance
  • Patented Technology lowers fuel surface tension resulting in a more complete and powerful combustion
  • Increases horsepower by 5%+
  • Cetane boost of up to 8 points increases power, torque & acceleration
  • Improves ignition quality, eliminates diesel knocks & hard starts
  • Reduces engine load & RPM's
3. Fuel Savings
  • Proven to reduce fuel consumption by 8% - 20%
  • Hydrocarbon enhancer affects a more complete & efficient fuel burn
  • Powerful detergents keep fuel injectors, fuel pumps & fuel systems clean and functioning at peak performance
  • Cetane Boost provides more complete combustion, improved start-ups, idling and acceleration
  • Increased horsepower requires less engine load and RPM
  • Lab & field tested over 7 years & 300 million kilometers of documented results
4. Reduced Toxic Exhaust Emissions
  • Reduces exhaust emissions HC, NOx, CO, CO2, PM & Opacity by up to 50%
  • Cleaner fuel burn reduces smoking, soot, & vapour exhaust
  • EPA, SAE, & Field Tested
  • Reduces EGR Soot Loading & is Diesel Engine Safe: Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Ford, GMC, Isuzu, International, John Deere, Mercedes, Volvo
"Centron Fuel Enhancer's Broad Range of Unmatched Benefits Makes it the Top Choice for Preventive Maintenance, Increased Performance, Fuel Cost Savings and Precaution Against Diesel Fuel Related Problems"Eliminate Concerns regarding diesel fuel related problems forever! Centron is "Proven" to deliver a return of 3 - 7 times its cost or R2.23 - R5.21 per liter fuel savings along with problem free, superior performing diesel fuel.
So how do you distinquish between a legitimate fuel additive such as Centron and the "Snake oils" of the world?

Here is a list of assessment criteria taken from a survey of Fleet Managers to determine if a fuel saver product is legitimate and how Centron stacks up:1. Is the product patented? If so this provides a strong measure of legitimacy
Centron is patented in the U.S. & 35 other countries2. Is the product EPA registered?
Centron is EPA registered and CARB approved3. Has the product been sufficiently tested to support its claims?
Centron is EPA, SAE, Dyno, & Field Tested with documented results to support its claims4. Does the product have a track record?
Centron is time tested with over 300 million kilometers of proven performance results5. Is the product being used by reputable customers and for how long?
Centron is being used by major fleets some for 4 years or longer6. What are the demonstrated features, qualities & benefits of the product?
Centron is an "All-in-One" fuel treatment. In addition to its proven fuel saving benefits Centron is tested and verified to perform as a lubricant, fuel system & fuel injector cleaner, fuel stabilizer, water remover/rust inhibitor, algaecide & cetane booster (8 pts) Centron is also proven to reduce greenhouse gas emmissions by 50% or more plus lower maintenance costs, increase horse power and vehicle performance

7. How is the product produced and under what quality control standards?

Centron is blended by Brenntag, an ISO 9002 quality certified company and global leader in chemical blending and distribution
Overcoming Objections Regarding Fuel Additives
Is all diesel fuel the same?

Regardless of the brand you buy, most diesel is pipeline fuel. The pump may say Mobil, BP, Shell or any other popular brand, but what you buy may have been refined by that or any other supplier. The companies refine the fuel from crude oil, treat it minimally with additives, then put it into the pipeline. When a marketer is scheduled to take diesel from the pipeline, it doesn't matter who refined it (except for accounting purposes). At that point, No. 2 diesel (2-D) is a commodity product. Some additives are mixed with diesel at the refinery, but only to protect the pipeline, not to improve the fuel. Like refined sugar or white rice, all pipeline 2-D is the same.It must meet minimal specifications, most of which are technical. Aromatics cannot exceed 35 percent by volume. The 90 percent distillation point cannot be greater than 640 degrees Fahrenheit (338 degrees Celsius) . There are limits to flash point, viscosity, sediment and water, ash weight, sulphur content and corrosiveness. All diesel fuel, regardless of who refines or markets it, must meet these minimum standards when it leaves the refinery.Even so, diesel fuel changes over time. It starts to oxidize (form sludge) and promote growth of organisms creating contaminants and variations in performance often requiring a reliable fuel additive such as Centron to bring diesel fuel back to its premium performing level.
Are all fuel additives the same?

No, there are currently hundreds of fuel additives in the marketplace performing a multitude of functions. However the EPA reports that only 25% of these additives are EPA registered, thus approved for their reliability and sale within and outside the U.S. market. Centron is EPA registered, U.S. patented, & CARB approved.
Why is there a negative perception regarding fuel additives?

Many of the unregistered, thus unapproved, fuel additives that have somehow unfortunately found their way into the marketplace do not perform as advertised, creating a negative stigma and general scepticism regarding fuel additives. We often encounter the disbeliever who in the past has endured a negative experience with a fuel additive and as a result believes all fuel additives are "snake oil".
What does Centron do and how is Centron different from other fuel additives?

Centron is truly "the Best Kept Secret of the Fuel Crisis".
Unlike any other additive in the marketplace, Centron works as a catalyst at the molecular level to create a more complete and efficient burn. The proven end result is 10% - 20% improvement in fuel economy performance and 30% - 50% reduction in harmful emissions. In addition, Centron boosts Cetane levels 8 points, bringing fuel to premium levels, plus contains detergent properties keeping injectors, rings and piston crowns free of soot build-up. Centron also improves lubricity, minimizing wear throughout the fuel system plus contains a de-emulsifier to help manage water that enters fuel through condensation from the air inside fuel tanks.
Petrololine & Diesel Fuel Markets Served
  • Truck Fleets
  • Automotive Fleets
  • Waste Management
  • Delivery Services
  • School Bus Systems
  • Mass Transit Systems
  • Motor Coach
  • Municipalities
  • Construction Equipment
  • Farm Equipment
  • Military
  • Airports
  • Rail Lines
  • Marine Commercial & Pleasure Craft

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Centron Energy - What is Centron

Centron Diesel Fuel Enhancer is a patented multifunctional distillate fuel additive that performs as a hydrocarbon enhancer lowering the surface tension of fuel resulting in fuel molecules evaporating at a lower temperature when mixed with available oxygen thereby creating a more complete and powerful combustion.