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By: Centron  11-11-2011
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Centron is the Sensible Choice for Preventative Maintenance,
Fuel savings & Precaution against Diesel Fuel Related Problems

Centron Diesel Fuel Enhancer is a patented multifunctional distillate fuel additive that performs as a hydrocarbon enhancer lowering the surface tension of fuel resulting in fuel molecules evaporating at a lower temperature when mixed with available oxygen thereby creating a more complete and powerful combustion. Combined with potent detergent and lubricating properties Centron keeps injector nozzles free of carbon buildup and protects vital engine parts from excessive wear. Centron also increases cetane by up to 8 points plus acts as a stabilizer, diesel detergent, algaecide & cold flow improver reducing the risk of fuel contamination and gelling. The end result is increased fuel economy and diesel fuel performance, lower maintenance costs & reduced harmful exhaust emissions.
Centron Features/Benefits:
  • Improves Fuel Economy by 5% - 20%
  • Reduces visible exhaust & toxic exhaust emissions by 30% - 50%
  • Lubrication properties provide "top oil" lubricity to protect vital engine parts (ULSD)
  • Powerful detergent cleans fuel injectors, pump & fuel system…reduces carbon & EGR soot buildup
  • Increases horsepower by 5%+
  • Cetane boost of up to 8 points improving ignition quality & reliability
  • Contains emulsifiers that separate moisture from fuel
  • Algaecide maintains fuel integrity
  • Fuel stabilizer reduces contamination & improves oxidation and thermal stability
  • Lowers fuel surface tension affecting a more complete fuel burn
  • Comprised of environmentally safe biodegradable petrochemicals
  • Will not harm engines, engine parts, fuel lines, or storage tanks
  • Does not void engine manufacturer's warranties
  • Works in all diesel engines without modification
  • Does not contain alcohol, methanol, isopropyl, MBTE, sulfur or metal
  • EPA registered, Patented, California CARB approved, MSDS listed
  • EPA, SAE & Field Tested for over 7 years & 300 million kilometers
  • Dosage Rate = 1 liter Centron : 320 liters of fuel
  • Pays for itself with just 2%- 3% fuel savings
  • Typical ROI (return on investment) is 300% - 800% used by Major Fleets: U.S. foodservice, Dean Foods, Moore Oil and others..

  • Lubricity - (HFRR) 380
  • PourPoint/Gel Inhibitor - -20° F
  • IBP - 315°-610° F
  • Flash Point - 105° F
  • Base Fluid - Proprietary
  • Derived Cetane - 8 points
  • Vapor Pressure - (mm Hg) 0.18
  • DOT Hazard Class 3 - Packing II

Introduction to Centron Products

The vision for Centron fuel additives was established years ago on the track with the racing cars of NASCAR. Following track rules, it was known that the fuel used to power the cars could be modified, within specific guidelines, to improve vehicle performance. Following a competitive instinct to establish a comparative advantage on the track, the idea was born of developing a fuel additive that would enable fuels to burn more efficiently and completely and deliver more fuel economy and power.From the track, the idea was transferred to the lab. The fuel additives were slowly developed over the years through constant trials and analysis until proven products were developed. The goal of creating a product enabling fuels to burn more efficiently, thereby delivering increased fuel economy and more power, was achieved. In addition, by creating a more complete burn, exhaust emissions were simultaneously reduced, resulting in cleaner air. Two commercial Centron fuel additive products were developed - one designed for diesel engines and the other for petroleum engines.
Company and Production Alliance

Centron was incorporated in 1998 for the purpose of supporting the market development of Centron fuel additives.Brenntag CorporationThe Brenntag Corporation, one of the largest international chemical and petroleum products distributing company, provides Centron fuel additives. Brenntag has expressed an interest in devoting substantial resources to producing Centron products for worldwide distribution and is fully capable of meeting all of the production needs in both the near and long-term future. Brenntag is an ISO 9002 compliant company.
Patented ProductsTwo US patents granted in 2001 and 2002 were awarded covering Centron fuel additives. Patent protection now extends worldwide.CompositionCentron fuel additives are blends of environmentally safe, biodegradable chemicals with a flash point of 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Centron fuel additives are non-perishable. The fuel additives are comprised strictly of petrochemical components that will not damage engines. Centron products do not contain alcohol, methanol, or isopropyl alcohol. Centron products do not contain any added sulphur compounds.How Centron Additives WorkCentron fuel additives are formulated to work as catalysts to improve fuel combustion. Centron products reduce the fuel's surface tension resulting in fuel evaporation at a lower temperature. When fuel combined with Centron is injected into the combustion chamber it forms micronized droplets. These droplets convert into vapor form at a lower evaporation temperature. The fuel vapor then comes in contact wtih oxygen more effectively during the combustion process. These combined features enable fuels with Centron additives to burn more efficiently and more completely, delivering increased fuel economy, more power and less pollution. In addition, Centron fuel additives emulsify various fuel components and provide additional lubrication benefits.Engine SafeCentron products have no metal components, alcohol or harsh chemicals that can cause damage to combustion engines, harm storage tanks or invalidate manufacturers warranties. Centron products may be used in all engine types, including two-cycle and four-cycle engines. There have been no damage or warranty claims in over 200 million kilometers of use.
Diesel EnginesAll diesel series engines of the following manufacturers have been successfully tested:
  • Cummins
  • Detroit Diesel
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • International
  • Mack
  • Mercedes
  • Volvo
Petrololine EnginesAll petrololine engine series of the following manufacturers have been successfully tested:
  • Chrysler
  • Ford
  • GM
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • International
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
Storage Tank and Hose Safe

Tank manufacturers, hose manufacturers, Veeder-Root and Brenntag, have declared Centron fuel additives safe. Letters from the four major storage tank manufacturers are on file to confirm that Centron products will not harm aboveground or belowground storage tanks.
Centron fuel additives for petrololine and Centron fuel additives for diesel can be added to the respective fuel tank directly or can be premixed into a respective tank for bulk delivery. Vehicle or storage tank modifications are not necessary. Ocean tanks, tank trucks, pipelines and smaller containers can transport Centron additives. Centron fuel additives will mix and remain in suspension with both petrololine and diesel fuels for more than twelve months.
Centron fuel additve products are EPA registered (No. 17652001) and are therefore deemed environmentally safe. Centron products are approved for use in all states including California.

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Centron Energy - Why use Centron

With the potential of eliminating 9 out of 10 failures diesel users are turning to "PROVEN" fuel additives for enhanced performance and precaution against diesel fuel related problems.Centron Diesel Fuel Enhancer is a Patented Fuel Treatment that provides a "Comprehensive Solution" to problems associated with Diesel Fuel.