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By: Centrepoint Technologies  11-11-2011
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TalkSwitch telephone systems come loaded with an extensive list of features that small businesses need and big businesses take for granted. There are no license fees, additional hardware costs or recurring monthly fees - it's all included as standard.

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Auto Attendants Answer calls with recorded greeting messages that offer single-digit touchtone options (“Press one for…, Press two for…”). It's like having your own receptionist 24 hours a day. With nine user-recorded auto attendant greeting messages, each offering 6 programmable options, there's lots of flexibility. Setup is easy through simple menu options.Calls can be routed to individuals, teams, branch offices, mobile phones, mailboxes, announcements or other auto-attendant greetings. Calls can be answered immediately or only if unanswered by extensions. Greetings can be assigned based on scheduled modes for normal business hours and out-of-hours operations. Or assigned to individual lines and VoIP trunks for multi-business applications.TalkSwitch auto attendants ensure calls are answered with intelligence, and they project the professional image of a large company.
Dial-By-Name Directory Callers can access extension users by dialling their names.
Music on Hold Play music or customized announcements to callers when on hold or queued. Use an external source or a downloaded file.
Multiple Languages Hola. Bonjour. Hello. TalkSwitch speaks fluent English, French, Greek or Spanish*. You can let your customers select their language when the auto attendant answers and set the language for each extension.* Available languages vary by market.
Ring Groups Call to a department or team, ringing all extensions with distinctive ring patterns.
Call Queue Queue calls with music on hold until answered when an extension or ring group is busy. Callers are periodically offered the option of exiting the queue.
Unified Call Distribution Use ring groups and call queue to create small business call centres with unified call distributions. Calls are answered first come first served and queued while all extensions are busy.
Call Waiting New calls to a busy extension wait while the called party hears a tone alert signal.
Caller Display Extensions display the caller's number and name. Caller Display on incoming calls is subject to availability from the service provider.
Conference Call Connect up to three parties on one phone call.
Call Hold/Transfer Place calls on hold or transfer them to other extensions.
Call Park Park calls for colleagues to retrieve.
Call Pickup Answer a call from your extension, either any ringing call or a specific extension's call.
Call Screening Asks callers to identify themselves, and offers the called party the choice of accepting or rejecting the call.
Automatic Hotline Hotline extensions automatically connect to a predefined number when they go off-hook. Perfect for reception and taxi phones.
Do Not Disturb Redirect your calls.
Mode Scheduling Handle calls differently at different times of the day and days of the week to ensure they're always handled professionally both during and outside normal business hours. TalkSwitch supports two scheduling modes, plus a holiday mode.

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Do-It-Yourself Configuration Save money with easy installation and configuration with highly intuitive configuration management software. Includes free upgrades.
VoIP SIP Trunking Save money with highly competitive calling rates using VoIP service provider SIP Trunk services. Benefit from the flexibility of multiple calls per trunk and easy growth without additional copper lines, and often without any additional hardware changes.
Multi-Branch Network Create your own VoIP network between your offices to eliminate inter-office calling charges.
DISA/Call Bridge Access your office, and its calling plan, from anywhere in the world, with direct inward system access (DISA) and password protected Call Bridge to access outside lines. Your mobile workers access your office-based calling plan.
Call Back TalkSwitch can call you back using the office's calling plan to save money over expensive roaming and hotel calling charges.
Automatic Route Selection Automatic routing of outgoing calls can control calling costs. Redirect calls to specific telephone lines, VoIP service providers, or insert carrier code prefix to outgoing calls. Route mobile calls to lines connected to fixed cellular terminals to benefit from mobile-to-mobile calling rates.
Toll Restriction Prevent unauthorized outgoing calls.
Line Hunt Groups Manage outgoing calls effectively by grouping lines or VoIP trunks and applying hunting schemes. When all lines or trunks are busy, calls can overflow to other hunt groups, including VoIP failover to PSTN lines.
Call Detail Recording Track calls and their durations to monitor phone usage.
Distinctive Ringing Detection Provides separate call handling based on an incoming call's distinctive ringing patterns. Works with many telephone companies' multiple number services, such as a second fax number on the same telephone line. Avoids the cost of an additional dedicated line.Requires distinctive ringing service from service provider.
Remote Management Remotely access and manage system configuration over the Internet.
Auto Fax Detection Automatically detect fax calls and connect them to a designated fax extension.
Extension Permission Passwords Prevents unauthorized phone use.
Alpha Name Tagging TalkSwitch adds caller name identity based on the system speed dial database. Save on the cost of caller identity name service, or provide a caller name feature where it's not available. Requires service provider Caller Identity service.
Account Codes Record account codes at the end of calls to track costs to client accounts. The account codes are included in call detail records.
Phone Freedom TalkSwitch offers the freedom to choose telephones to match your needs. It works with standard analogue telephone sets, TalkSwitch analogue and IP speakerphones, plus compatibility with a select range of other IP phones.

Connect Anywhere

Connect Anywhere Use IP phones, even soft client phones, outside the office with the same functionality as office extensions.
Remote Extensions
Key System - Busy Lamp Appearances Visual indicator keys show which lines, extensions and queues are busy, idle or calling. Calls are easy to answer and make at the touch of a button. This key-system style operation enhances productivity within collaborative teams. Exclusively available with TS-350i, TS-550i, TS-9133i and TS-480i phones.
Call Cascade When an extension is busy, not answered, or on do not disturb, calls can be forwarded to a sequence of three alternative numbers to ensure the call is answered. Use just one number to stay connected anywhere.
System Speed Dials Store up to 100 frequently used numbers on your system for easy access.
Caller-Identity Routing Handle calls differently based on where they come from for intelligent call answering. Ensure known callers are appropriately handled. Requires service provider Caller Identity service.
Intercom Call from one extension to another.
Public Announcement Page to an external PA system.
Group Paging Page to TS-600 speakerphones.
Dial Operator Single-digit access to a system-wide resource, such as a receptionist.
Intercom – On-hook Intercom to a speakerphone. Excellent for manager-secretary operations. Requires TalkSwitch speakerphones.
Same Line Connect Use the incoming call's telephone line to redirect the call to a remote extension, using the telephone company's 3-way calling service. This reduces the need for telephone lines and maintains audio quality. Only compatible with certain telephone companies: USA, Canada, BT (UK), Telstra and Optus (Australia), Telkom (South Africa), Telefonica (Chile). Not recommended for use with ARS.

Keywords: Small Businesses, Telephone Systems

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Three-Way / Conference Calling allows DISA calls and incoming calls routed to a Remote Extension to the same telephone line for both parts of the call, when TalkSwitch "Same Line Connect" features is activated. Distinctive Ringing Pattern Services (Call Sign, My Ring, Smart Ring, Multiple Number) a secondary directory number with distinctive ringing on same telephone line.


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