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By: Centrastage  11-11-2011

One of the key benefits of using CentraStage is the data which is continuously being collected through the automation of the tasks configured and completed by the system. whilst the system is busy deploying, configuring, executing, updating, monitoring and logging, it is collecting invaluable data which can be analyzed for business intelligence.

Using this data you can create a wealth of customised and template reports giving you unique insight in to the IT estate that you manage. Whether you are running an IT department or an IT services business CentraStage reporting gives you the information required to make more strategic decisions, plan more accurately and provide your customers and key stake holders with the management reports they require.


  • Customisation
  • Scheduling
  • Asset Report
  • Activity Report
  • Exception Report
  • On Demand
  • Export Options


Features – In detail

Customisation – every page is a report, customise your view and export. Brand reports with your logo and business colours.

Scheduling – E-mail reports to your team and your customer using our report scheduler.

Activity Report – Know who’s doing what and when using our activity reports which can be run on a system, profile or device level.

Exception Report – Find out what uses most of your resources, our exception report allows you to break down from system to device level.

Export Options – giving you maximum flexibility export your report results by CSV or PDF.

Other products and services from Centrastage


Discover, Track and Report on IT Assets

It takes care of tracking all of your supported hardware and software assets, reliably and efficiently; what you do with the information is then up to you, whether you need it for reporting purposes, or to group and target devices for IT configuration tasks. Keeping track of IT assets can be a daunting challenge for an IT professional, especially if the environment is highly distributed, with laptops, tablets and smartphones thrown into the mix.


Fast, Secure Remote Support | CentraStage

CentraStage remote support works even if the device is behind a firewall or NAT and can be activated via the powerful agent browser, providing unrivaled speed and reliability, or via the web console, ensuring you can access and manage devices from anywhere. Having a fast, secure, reliable and feature rich remote support tool is essential to reduce impact on the business and get the problem resolved.


IT Monitoring without headache or cost

They all pretty much offer the same headline benefits – proactive monitoring of your environment, so you know what has gone wrong where, or what is about to go wrong. Even better, you can set CentraStage to apply auto-fixes to common alerts, so stuff gets fixed without you having to lift a finger. Memory Usage – Keeping a close eye on memory usage will help you ensure the remote device can perform all the tasks it needs to.


The ComStore - the first appstore for IT Management

ComStore compliments and enhances the core CentraStage platform, offering an online store of pre-packaged scripts, monitors, reports, software and utilities. We constantly add components to the ComStore, meaning that CentraStage is constantly improving, even in between releases. We’ve seen too many IT management tools packed with functionality that is left unused and unloved.