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By: Centerpoint Bee  11-11-2011
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B-BBEE Gazetted Scorecard Calculators for Rating Agencies  

 centerpoint bee solutionsdeveloped Generic, QSE & EME Scorecard calculators and Gazetted Sector Code Scorecards for Rating Agencies.

This service is of immeasurable value to your B-BBEE Rating Agency;

we take the burden of manual calculations away from you and your Verification Analysts

and assure that your calculations are correct  to enable you to get on with the evaluation

and verification of your clients with out hesitation.

 All Gazetted Codes and Sector Codes are available with Full Validation Reports; Validation methodology applies Codes of Good Practice calculations and show Manual calc as well as calculator tool calculations and results.

This supports your SANAS application to validate your scorecard calculations.

Our products are in line with the Codes of Good Practice and agencies already making use

of our calculator tools are accredited through SANAS with no non conformance's on their calculator system and is in line with the requirements of R47-02.The Scorecards are accompanied with full Validations on the calculations; as the software developer and senior member of the company I have been in the BEE industry since the Embargoed Codes in

2004 and every step of the way with the Transformation of the Codes of Good Practice;

which by the way I am very passionate about.

I am also passionate about is the Software developed by centerpoint bee solutions

which has undergone a few changes in the past year and is now fully integrated with a

 Validation Certificate for each set of Gazetted Scorecards. The Software allows you to

immediately view and print a scorecard, certificate or verification report the moment any

changes has been made through the input sheets. This tool has been developed in Excel

which makes is easy to understand and it is user friendly. A Manual accompanies this tool

to be forwarded to clients in order to collect info and data for all elements in either number

of list formats; which is then transferred to the calculator tools. The Scorecard and Certificate 

are customised to suite the requirements for each individual Rating Agency making it unique

by using your Company Logo, preferred fonts, borders, colour etc.

  B-BBEE Calculator Tools Fee:       

                                                   EME Calculator Fee R  5 500                                                                                                             QSE Calculator Fee R25 000                                                                                       Generic Calculator Fee  R45 000 

ALL Sector Codes Scorecard Fees as per that of Above Calculators.  Speak to us with regard to

a Quote; discount will apply when purchasing more than three scorecards.  

Available Sector Scorecard Calculator Tools:~

Transport (Road Freight), Tourism and Construction Sector Charters.

                                           See Download page to order this service and/or request a quote.    

B-BBEE Analyst Training & Assessing The success of your Rating Agency depends on the efficiency of your Verification Analysts’ ability to be competent in their field. 

Years of dealing with various verifications from EME's to Complex Structures of Corporate Entities; Evaluation of Ownership Verification and the usually difficult and complex verification of Skills Development and its various components, have been a learning school that now enables our team to train Analysts to be competent in their evaluations.   Our training and ongoing training of your analysts will ensure that your clients will come back year after year

to make use of your excellent services. Training will be in the form of training on the Codes of Good Practice:~ The implementation and supporting documents needed to verify client information. Calculations on e.g. ARG; 40% Sub minimum targets, Indicative Profit Margin; Cumulative Spend and calculation of Ed and SED; Inclusions & Exclusions on PP;

SED what constitute as Skills Spend, ABET and Learnership spend etc.   Analysis on the competency of Individual Analysts on KPA's set by your agency.  

Verification Analyst Training:~                                               

               Hourly Fee R800 (Max10 Analyst)

               Analysis of Individual Analyst Fee R400 per analyst) 

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 B-BBEE Procurement Tool This valuable Tool will enable you to import the B-BBEE information of your suppliers into a handy BEE calculator to calculate the B-BBEE spend of your suppliers who qualify for Procurement recognition on your scorecard.  You will be two steps ahead of your Rating Agent with this handy Tool.  Not only will you be able to supply your rating agent with information to implement into your Procurement Scorecard but you will also be able to earn extra points on the enhancements built into this Tool. Your Supplier's B-BBEE Status is valuable towards your scorecard. We will provide you with ~ Complete Guidelines on ALL you need to know with regard to B-BBEE & Procurement.

An Inclusions & Exclusions Tool to calculate Total Procurement spend Procurement Analysis for the period of report Procurement Policy Template

The PPPF Act

A Printable Procurement Report  per compliance Level  of your suppliers to accompany

Tenders, budgets or to be used in meetings and strategic  planning around Procurement.

Get your handy Tool today!

B-BBEE Procurement Tool Cost:               R  550.00

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 NEW     Now available         Don't miss out on our PROMOTION

Pre Audit Packages

Purchase your Pre Audit Package for your QSE or Generic company now! 

This is  a 'once off' scorecard calculator tool that can be of value to your company's 

B-BBEE Transformation for as long as it is needed, year in year out. Track your

company's B-BBEE Transformation, 'what if' - scenario planning, EE, PP, ED, SED and

Skills Budget to still be complaint and reach BEE targets, and more ......

How to implement B-BBEE transformation in your company:-  Know your company’s B-BBEE

status at any given time of the year as changes are made to reach B-BBEE compliance targets!

 B-BBEE Transformation is important for the future your business, your clients and to the

economic climate of our country.

 Our 'all in one' Package include a BEE calculator to successfully assess your company's B-BBEE status it also includes Guidelines, Useful Information on how to improve your scores, necessary information on all elements, references, definitions and a Procurement Tool to assist you with

your Supplier 's B-BBEE information.      

Easy to understand Guidelines to produce an Internal Scorecard stating your B-BBEE level

of compliance.  A full printable Summary Report on the B-BBEE profile of your company

which updates info as you enter information for the different levels of the Codes of Good Practice 

a link to Codes of Good Practice; for your convenience. 

This valuable Pre Audit Calculator Tool can be used through out the year to assist you with your

B-BBEE Transformation or to predict future changes in your company's B-BBEE structure,

keep separate copies for Scenario Planning.   This is a useful tool that can accompany you

to meetings, a copy on your Laptop can be projected onto a screen, to show how structural  

changes can influence your B-BBEE score, how far within or exceeding targets, show the status

of B-BBEE transformation in your company.   

Pre Audit Package  is valuable for your company's B-BBEE Transformation; when you have all relevant supporting documents to proof the B-BBEE level of compliance to accompany tenders

and to provide clients with an accurate score of your B-BBEE compliance level; all you need is to call in an Accredited Rating Agency to verify the info an supply you with a certificate. Most work will be done. Full information and assistance from centerpoint bee solutions is available with regard

to the Pre Audit Calculator Tool; on which required supporting documents needed to proof the B-BBEE status of your company.

On purchasing a Pre Audit Package from centerpoint bee solutions we offer a 10% discount

on our B-BBEE Maintenance Service .  Full online or telephone support is available ~

our verification analysts are experts in their field with hands-on information to assist you in the 

pre audit phase of your company’s B-BBEE status.

 Pre Audit Package Cost:               QSE          Pre Audit Tool R 3 500 

                                                          Generic        Pre Audit Tool R 5 500

See Download page to order this valuable tool

B-BBEE Maintenance / Support Service

 Subscribe to this service and experience hands on expert advice on B-BBEE, in line with the

Codes of Good Practice, how to improve on your company’s B-BBEE compliance level, how to implement B-BBEE in your company structure. Obtain expert advice on the requirements for your company’s specific needs. What is required of EME’s, QSE’s and Generic companies to achieve maximum points on Preferential Procurement Scorecard?  How to improve score’s on this

element of the scorecard by only having the correct information of your suppliers to enhance the score. Rating agencies are only allowed to audit the information of your company’s B-BBEE status they are by law prohibited to give advice or consult your company  to improve scores;   by making use of centerpoint bee solutions' services you can stay one step ahead.

expert advice on any questions you might have with regard to Broad Based Black

Economic Empowerment, the Codes of Good Practice or the latest with regard to Sector Charters.

Full assistance with B-BBEE information in any way we can to make sure your company

achieves the best score to keep ahead of your competitors.

Maintenance / Support Service Fee       

 QSE’s Turnover> R5 and <R35         R850 (Quarterly - Any three months)

Generic Turnover > R35m                  R2000 (Quarterly - Any three months)

10% discount of this Fee with every Pre Audit Package purchased

B-BBEE Supplier Verification   

This service is of immeasurable value to your company; we take the burden of

supplier verification away from you and your staff to enable you to get on with your business.

Improve on your score and move up to a next higher level of compliance just by acquiring

the correct information from your suppliers.  Ask the experts for assistance.

 On receipt of your detailed supplier list centerpoint bee solutions will engage in obtaining the B-BBEE Status of your suppliers and relevant required B-BBEE information to give you the benefit

of achieving the best score on your Procurement Scorecard.

Our administrators will process all verified B-BBEE information received from your

suppliers; compile  a report with supporting documents, which will enable your company to

supply all relevant B-BBEE Procurement information to your rating agent or to be implemented

in your Self Assessment Scorecard thus enable your company to score the  maximum

weighting points on Preferential Procurement.

 Additional Points will be added to the total B-BBEE spend of your procurement points by multiplication of 1.2 and 1.25 to certain of the following criteria.

Standard information obtained in a short Questionnaire from your suppliers:

Information on B-BBEE status level Company Type (Generic, QSE or EME)
Enhanced recognition status to certain categories of Preferential Procurement
Black Ownership %, Black Women Ownership % Value Adding status of supplier
Beneficiary of Enterprise Development of the Measured Entity and  Black Professional Service Provider status.

centerpoint bee solutions specialises in Preferential Procurement, we assist your company

with expert advice with regard to the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act No. 5 of

2000. By means of Supplier Verification your company's procurement Scorecard will be

enhanced with regard to the topics above.

 See Pamphlet for more details. Subscribe to this valuable service and be one step ahead.

B-BBEE Supplier Verification Fee:        R95.00 per supplier


On purchasing this Service above you are entitled to a B-BBEE Procurement Tool worth R550

Free of charge

See Download page to order this service and request a quote.

 “centerpoint bee solutionsdeliver a verified service of excellence, accuracy and reliability”

 solutions specialises in B-BBEE Transformation Services

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