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By: Celebration Health  11-11-2011
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Schedule Status:        Health Water Unit
Classification:            Specialized filtered & Electrolyzed water system
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Product Information
 The KYK Alkalizer

is a product of an innovative technology that filters then changes tap water through an electrolysis process. This process produces two types of water: one is alkaline which is used for consumption and the other is acidic for external applications. Each of these waters has unique properties that can enhance the quality of our health.

  • Tap water is filtered though a 9 stage specialized filtration process.
  • After removing 99.99% impurities and chemicals, the minerals are split.
  • The alkaline and acid minerals are used to create the different waters.
  • Water is then electrolyzed (+- electrodes)
  •  Oxygen Reducing Potential Water is then produced.
  • Alkaline Water processed (internal uses)
  • Acidic Water processed (external uses)

The machine sits on the counter and attaches to the faucet or it can be mounted and linked up to the main water supply. This unit miraculously turns tap water into a liquid anti-aging antioxidant which gives benefits similar to vitamin A, E, C, and selenium. The treated water contains mega electrons which act as scavengers, fighting free radicals that attack our cells. The smaller water clusters, as measured by the use of a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance device is more hydrating water than normal tap water. Through electrolysis large water clusters are reduced from their original size. The smaller cluster size gives the water excellent hydrating properties, high solubility and good permeability.
Oxidation of healthy cells by too much oxygen (free radicals) in the body breaks down the cells, making them susceptible to disease. Alkaline Water readily donates its abundant electrons to render excessive free radicals harmless so that they do not "steal" electrons from healthy living cells. Our bodies need to be able to eliminate or buffer over acidic conditions caused by diet, fizzy drinks, stress, worry, physical activity, toxins and other sources. The electrolysis process concentrates available alkaline minerals in the source water to aid the buffering systems in the body. Adequate pH - though dependant upon the source water, the unit produces an adequate range of pH through the seven level settings. These settings are computer controlled, and have the ability to stabilize the pH of the output water after electrolysis. This allows the immune system to become stronger and enables the body to better fight off disease. Unlike distilled or reverse osmosis water; Alkaline water

contains sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium in a way which the body can

absorb them better because the water is a far smaller molecular size.

Kangen Alkaline Water is the Best Water You Can Give Your Body


  • Ionization raises the pH of tap water from around 7 (neutral) to 9.5 (alkaline). Ionized alkaline water acts as a solvent on acidic waste (such as fats, uric acid, and cholesterol) stored in the body and dissolve it to be removed by the blood.
  • Ionization reduces the size of the water molecular cluster. This smaller cluster can penetrate the cellular membranes of the body easier, thus speeding new tissue building and waste removal. The smaller clusters also means that alkaline ionized water is more hydrating and helps reduce wrinkles and keep the skin supple and smooth.
  • Ionization splits the water molecule into H+ and OH- ions. By drinking the water with the alkaline, oxygen rich OH- ions more oxygen is made available to enrich the blood which can increase one's level of energy and promote quicker healing.
  • The ionized OH- molecules have extra electrons that neutralize destructive free radicals circulating throughout the body and thus allow the natural healing processes of the body to predominate and slow down the aging process while promoting health.
  • Ionization results in abundant alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium and its ionized form contribute to the "burn off" of fats and carbohydrates thus helping to reduce weight and eliminate obesity.
  • Increases energy and endurance
  • Improves the quality of all bodily functions and general health and well being

Side Effects

No known side effects have been reported

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Keywords: Alkaline Water, Free Radicals, Magnetic Resonance, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Product Information

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