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By: Cederberg 4x4  11-11-2011
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4x4 Products

recommended by Coenie

During years in the 4x4ing business Coenie has tried and tested various 4x4 products and he now uses and recommends the ones that have come out on top.

Should you be interested in any of the products below, please contact Marina on Tel: 021 913 4632 or Fax: 021 913 2333 or

# 1 - Garmin GPS

The GPSMAP 276C is an all-in-one, versatile, colour chartplotter and automobile navigator for land or water - Easy to read in the sun and extremely user friendly. 

# 2 - Hannibal's Impi Roof-Top Tent

This low profile glass fibre design is the most fuel efficient tent design. This extremely comfortable tent is just so easy to open and close. What a pleasure!

# 3 - Hannibal's Canvas Roof-Top Tents

These Roof-Top Tents offer ease of rigging, coupled with comfort and the best in foul weather protection

# 4 - Escape Gear Seat Covers

100% natural 510g breathable Cotton Canvas. Proven strength and durability. Fabric treated with a water, oil and dust repellent coating, but this does not affect the breathability, qualities essential when considering the long hours spent on the road. Removable and washable, custom designed for your model of vehicle.

# 5 - Easy Lift Airjack

Plugs into the exhaust tailpipe. The inflated jack then lifts your vehicle off the ground, allowing you to change your tyres effortlessly. The "Easy Lift" can also be used on most terrains, including soft sand. Ideal for most 4x4's!

# 6 - Nite Shade Solar Control, Security or Heatshield - window film

Non-reflective window film protects skin and upholstery from harmful UV rays, reduces heat build up, reduces air-con costs, retains heat in winter and renders the glass shatterproof for protection against Stoning, Hijacking, Smash & Grab.

# 7 - JT Manufacturing

Your one stop fitment centre for cargo slides, drawer systems, dual battery systems and many more items tailor made to specifications.

# 8 - Camp Cover

High quality, practical and affordable cover protection bags for 4x4, outdoor and camping equipment. They ensure that your expensive equipment is protected against the robust nature of the 4x4 and outdoor environment.

# 9 - EZ Wee - eezeewee

For use in roof-top tents. A bi-sexual product to save you having to climb down the ladder when needing to take a leak. A really tight fit that prevents leakage. What a pleasure.

#10 - LED Lights

The ultimate 4x4 light source, using minimum power in and around your off-road vehicle. Sold by the metre, with peal-off backing for easy attachment.

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