AEGIS Microbe Shield Technology and Hospital Curtains

By: Catalina Curtain Company  11-11-2011

Controlling odor-causing bacteria and fungi in textiles
Common microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, and fungi (mold & mildew) are found all around us and can cause a wide range of problems for almost any product . The AEGIS Microbe Shield controls these problems by providing odor protection in apparel, reduced bio-loading for clean room and medical garments, and stain and deterioration control in linens. All of these benefits come from the unique properties provided by the AEGIS Microbe Shield technology.

Everything from socks to hospital linens and shirts to carpeting are protected by the AEGIS Microbe Shield technology. Even high performance applications, such as surgical drapes where safety and performance are paramount, are successfully protected by the AEGIS Microbe Shield.

Consumer and Institutional formulations are increasing their use of this technology by adding it to their coatings and product lines. Desire for mold and bacteria control on laundry items and living environment substrates such as furniture, walls, carpets, and bathrooms is driving the selection of AEGIS technology in several industries.

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