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Keywords: engine, Turbocharged Diesel Engine

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Cat Skidsteer

  216B 2 226B 2 246C
Engine 3024C 3024T C 3044C DIT
Net Power (kW/hp) 36/49 42/57 55/75
Operat Weight (kg) 2580 2640 3350
  256C 262C 272C
Engine 3044C DIT 3044C DIT 3044C DIT
Net Power (kW/hp) 62/84 62/84 68/92
Operat Weight (kg) 3430 3610 3760
Designed for reliability, multiple work tools and a wide range of models provide the best machine and tool solution across the widest range of applications.

Skidsteer Loader Attachments

Hammers Trenchers
Forks Angle brooms
Augers Pick-up brooms
Hammers: Designed to break up concrete, asphalt or rock. Silenced hammer versions available for work areas sensitive to noise restrictions
Augers: Used for drilling holes for footing, fencing, signs, trees and shrubs in construction, agricultural and landscaping applications.
Trencher: For cutting narrow straight trenches in the soil prior to laying electrical, telephone and cable lines or water and gas pipes.
Angle Broom Provides an effective solution for clean up operations


Engine Power (kW/hp) 74.5/100
Operat Weight (kg) 9360
Rated Load Capacity (kg) 3700
Forward Height / Reach (m) 13700/9225
Easy to operate with a single joystick to control all boom functions, plus advanced hydraulics give the operator precise and accurate control.

140H Motor Grader

Cat® 3306 turbocharged diesel engine with Engine Power Management
Gears 4 - 8138kW 185hp
Gears 1 - 3123kW 165hp
Blade width4267 mm
Operating weight17 373 kg
The 140H blends productivity and durability to give you the best return on your investment. Superior visibility, control layout and operating ease. The operator is the single most important factor in maintaining high productivity throughout the work day. By offering a comfortable and convenient operator's station.


Diesel compressors
185 cfm - 1060 cfm
(high pressure also available)All models will provide a reliable source of compressed air to drive pneumatic tools. These can include chipping, jackhammers, nut runners, grinders and rammers. High free air delivery applications, such as sandblasting are also covered.

AT 700 Family Articulated Trucks

  725 730 735 740
Cat engine C11 C11 C15 C15
Gross power (kW) 230 242 304 341
(SAE J1995) (hp) 309 325 408 457
Net power (kW) 225 237 287 325
(ISO 9249) (hp) 301 317 385 436
Rated payload (t) 26 28.1 32.7 38
Body capacities (m³) 14.3 16.9 19.7 22.9
They may be all sleek lines and the latest in operator comfort, but coming from Cat® you know that underneath, our next generation AT's are packed with rugged reliability and raw power. Cutting cycle times, lowering costs and using innovative design and technology to truly boost efficiency.

Lightning Masts

8KvA Lightning Masts utilizing a Perkins engine a single phase 220-volt Leroy Somer alternator, all mounted on a single axle trailer, to road ordinance.Each unit is equipped with the following:
  • Base fuel tank
  • Engine instruments
  • Exhaust system
  • Battery
  • 3m mast and winch
  • 4 x 400W high pressure sodium lights
  • Weatherproof base load panel, set mounted

Compaction Roller

Cat® 3054C Turbocharged Diesel Engine
Gross power 97 kW / 130hp
Drum width 2134 mm
Operating Weight (ROPS / FOPS cab)
CS-533E 10 840 kg
CS-533E with heavy weight option 12 360 kg
CP-533E 11 680 kg
Performance and reliability you can depend on. Durable field-proven power train and vibratory systems and the world's largest and most dedicated dealer support system ensure the CS-533E and CP-533E Soil Compactors will provide maximum utilization.

Cat Backhoe Loader

  422E 428E
Operating weight (kg) 7210 7570
Net engine power (kW) 56 67
Dig depth standard (m's) 4.83 4.24
Dig depth extended (m's) 5.88 5.90
Our backhoe provide exceptional operator comfort coupled with high reliability and durability. These extremely versatile machines are further enhanced by a wide range of work tools.

Hydraulic Excavators

  320D XL 323D L 325D L 330D L
Engine C6 C7 C7 C9
Net power (kW/hp) 103/140 110/150 140/152 200/270
Operat weight (kg) 21750 23800 31400 36600
Max reach (mm) 9780 10200 10820 10180
Max dig depth (mm) 6640 6680 7110 6570
The D series incorporates innovations for improved performance and versatility. The reliable Caterpillar 3306 turbocharged diesel engine has large displacement and high torque rise. A planetary power shift transmission permits fast speed and direction changes which directs uninterrupted power to both tracks.

Hydraulic Excavators

  325D LME 345C 385C
Engine C7 C13 C18
Net power (kW/hp) 140/190 239/325 390/530
Operat weight (kg) 30 100 52 300 84 800
Max reach (mm) 9340 11700 15610
Max dig depth (mm) 6000 7500 10440
The D series incorporates innovations for improved performance and versatility. The reliable Caterpillar 3306 turbocharged diesel engine has large displacement and high torque rise. A planetary power shift transmission permits fast speed and direction changes which directs uninterrupted power to both tracks.

Wheel Loaders

  928H 950H 962H 966H 972H 980H
Cat engine C6.6 C7 C7 C11 C13 C15
Gross power (kW)   161 172 211 229 261
(SAE J1995) (hp)   219 234 287 311 355
Net power (kW) 108 147 158 195 214 237
(ISO 9249) (hp) 147 200 215 265 291 322
Bucket capacity (m³) 2-2.3 2.7-4.0 2.9-4.3 3.5-4.8 3.8-5.5 4.2-10.5
Operating weight (kg) 12564 18500 19630 23960 25920 30520
Size, power, and performance make the H series ideal for a wide range of applications. This tough, dependable machine is designed to help you work more productively and profitably. This machine leads the industry in operator comfort and performance.

Generators & Transformers

15kVA - 1000kVA
Reliable power
Powered by a heavy duty Caterpillar diesel engineEvery generator set is subjected to a comprehensive test programme which includes full load testing and the checking and proving of all control and safety shut-down functions.Fully engineered with a wide range of options and accessories: electrical, mechanical, sound attenuated enclosures and roadworthy trailers.

Cat Dozers

  D5 D6 D8 D9 D10
Engine 3046 T C6.6 3406C TA 3406C TA C27
Net power (kW/hp) 67/91 93/127 228/310 228/310 433/589
Operat weight (kg) 9270 12890 37770 37770 65800
Engineered to excel on the most demanding work sites. Combining power, rugged components and superior balance. It keeps material moving with the reliability and durability you expect fromCaterpillar machines.

Keywords: engine, Turbocharged Diesel Engine

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