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By: Caseware Africa  11-11-2011
Keywords: Practice Management, Accounting Firms, Time And Billing Solution

Much more than a time and billing solution

CaseWare Time is a simple, all-inclusive practice management solution for audit and accounting firms of all sizes. This integrated time and billing solution is designed to help you grow your practice. It automates and simplifies all the time-consuming, mundane tasks required to run a successful business, including client record keeping, recording of work done, work-in-progress (WIP) management, billing and reporting.

Following more than a decade of experience in the audit and accounting practice market, CaseWare Time is one of the world's most refined, powerful and easy to use practice management tools available.

CaseWare Time is much more than time & billing. Time offers you a complete solution ranging from basic time processing to billing and powerful practice management features.

Time is renowned for its ability to streamline processing while helping you grow your practice with powerful reporting on key areas.

Major Benefits of CaseWare Time:

  • Increases profits by maximising billing opportunities while reducing wasted time and expenses.

  • Makes it as easy as possible for partners as well as staff to record and measure time from anywhere, even out of the office.

  • Improves staff performance and productivity by providing accurate measurement of their results.

  • Allows confident long-term decisions based on accurate information about profitability, performance and resource capacity.

  • Reduces the cost and effort of internal practice administration with time-saving processing and powerful, flexible reporting features.

  • Improves cash flow through powerful and flexible billing debtor’s functionality.

  • Ensures improved resource utilization as well as client service by using budgets and project scheduling with powerful reports to help you stay in control.

Key Features of the Software

  • Every staff member represents billable time & expenses. CaseWare Time allows you to record this quickly & accurately.

  • Comprehensive Client Database – You can store key information about your clients in the comprehensive client database. This information can be used to profile reports and correspondence. Apart from more powerful analysis you can also focus your communication efforts to the right clients.

  • CaseWare Time allows you to easily manage Work in Process. At any stage you can see how much billing potential you have recorded for each client PLUS how old the WIP is PLUS how does the WIP compare against the budget set for the work

  • Billing – You may want to bill more than the value of the WIP (creating a write up) or in some cases, bill less than the value of the WIP (creating a write down). Time allows you to see what needs to be billed, what has already been billed and what your write-up and write downs are.

CaseWare Time will take care of the following practice management requirements:

  • Improve your practice management by using CaseWare Time as your integrated time & billing solution. Get the benefits of a single client database and integrated WIP and debtors.

  • Capturing time and disbursements linked to WIP reports ensures you are maximising billing potential and reducing WIP aging.

  • Integrated billing provides tailored invoices and calculates write up/down or carry forward amounts based on the difference between the invoice and WIP amount.

  • Improve resource utilisation and client service by using budgets and project scheduling with powerful reports to help you stay in control.

  • A wide range of analysis reports automatically reflect the profitability of clients and different services, performance of staff - all using the WIP and billing information at hand.

  • Add CaseWare Time with TaxWare and SecWare for a totally integrated BackOffice Suite with a shared client database and integrated billing.

Keywords: Accounting Firms, Practice Management, Time And Billing Solution

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